Sim, October 2, 2019

Review of :

Use : Get likes, follows, subscribers, views...

Overall Ranking

Waste of time

Value For Money

Don't put money in this, no ROI

Ease of Use

2 minutes set-up


No support

Tools Included

No real tools



Pros :

  • The idea is nice

Cons :

  • Fake accounts
  • People will unlike, unsubscribe and "un" everything after 1 or 2 days
  • Complete waste of time
  • Complete waste of money

Summary : AddMeFast is a website where you can exchange like, followers and stuff like that.

You gain points by completing actions such as liking a Facebook page and give those points to someone who'll do the same thing on your profiles.

Dude, seriously… AddMeFast ?

It is true that social medias have become important, but this is not a reason to lose your time on such things as AMF.

Technicaly this website was designed to help people exchange likes, followers, visitors, views, etc.

The concept was good, but it was just too easy to trick this system.


How people are leveraging it (and loosing time also)

Honestly, if you only go take a quick tour inside the member’s area, set up your stuff and wait for about 2 minutes, you’ll understand what I mean.

This website is full of bots and fake accounts that are only there to increase views on youtube videos or likes on fan pages.

Why are they doing this ?

Cause they don’t understand that it’s not going to change anything to their success.

It may not be true for youtube videos, where the number of views influenced a lot (I think).

But for all the remaining, that’s crap.

Even for the videos like I said, WHY, I mean WHY are you loosing your time to collect fake views instead of marketing your stuff the right way and get engagement ?


Is there anything usefull on this platform ?

If you want my humble opinion.. nothing worth it.

The way I see it it’s a wast of time, a complete waste of time.

I don’t know what you were looking for when falling on AddMeFast or on this review, but I can assure you that there is a best way to reach what you want.

There are plenty of websites, dedicated to social media tricks like or, you should probably take a look.


Is there any good alternatives to AddMeFast ?

Yeah, post good stuff on social medias and people will follow you.

Create good quality content or videos and people will share it.

Market your stuff the good way and people will see it.

There’s nothing complicated.

But you need to work.


I tried AddMeFast

I’ve got other websites and I already did a review of AddMeFast on one of them.

But, since I am dedicating this one to I.M. scams, I thought, why not do another one.

I won’t be sharing my full story or experience here, it’s just to let you know that yes, I used it (tested it).

I spent about 2 hours a day on this s**t and I was getting a lot of ”clicks”.

But in the end, all I got was numbers.

No engagement, no improvement, only FAKE numbers.


So what now ?

Look out for legitimate ways to do what you wanted to do with AddMeFast.

It will certainly take you a little more efforts, but it will be durable and it will profite you for real.

Plus, you’ll be proud of having successfully worked your way.


Some places you should check out

I made a little list of places I think might me useful to you, feel free to let me know if it helped you in the comment section below !