Can You Really Make Money With The WowApp?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Basically, it’s a messaging and communication app that pays back users for using the app.  They claim to share 70% of their revenue.

What Is WowApp About?​

Many people went from using WhatsApp and/or Skype to only using WowApp.  It’s a great app, with great features, that pay a little.

Share it with the ones you know, refer people and you’ll earn a few cents here and there.  Heck, a few cents is more than what you’ll earn using Skype.

Who Is The Owner Of WowApp.Com?

The app is owned by YouWowMe Limited and was founded by Thomas C. Knobel from NobelGlobe.  

Is It A Scam Or Is It Legit?​

While you most likely won’t cash out anything soon, it’s a legit app that will pay you when the time comes. 

What I Like About It 

It can be a great alternative to other apps such as WhatsApp.  WowApp is mostly the same with the exception that it shares 70% of its revenues with the users.

Also, a percentage of your earnings is giving to charity.  Which is great.

What I Don’t Like About It

Buying credits (to call and text) on the app is a little more expensive than the other popular options.  

Also, the 1$ +8% fees when cashing out makes it almost “impossible” to cash out your earnings.  You won’t be making much, at best a couple of cents per day and that means you’ll have to use the app for a crazy long time before withdrawing anything, in cash that being said.

On your own, you won’t make enough.  Which brings us to the next point:  it’s mostly about getting referrals.  Like many other sites where you only earn fractions of cents, even with tens of referrals you won’t earn much.  If you plan making “good” money with this, you’ll absolutely need to refer hundreds if not thousands of people.

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How Can You Make Money From The WowApp App?

  • Advertising – While using the app, you’ll see some ads.  That’s one of the ways they make money.  Like I said above, they share a part of their revenues with the users, meaning that a % of the money they make from you watching the ads is giving back to you.
  • Talk – Talking with other WowApp users is free.  However, if you do buy credits for whatever reason (international calls and such), 10% of what you spend is going back to you.
  • Games – You can earn while playing silly games because of the ads. 
  • Instant Earn –  This is a section where you can complete offers from third parties (surveys, videos, etc.).
  • Lockscreen ads –  Pretty self-explanatory.  Ads shown on your lockscreen.  
  • Shop – If you shop through the links you’ll find in this section, you’ll get cashbacks on your purchases.
  • Refer people – They have a complicated compensation plan for their referral program.  Unless you plan on referring tons of people to it, learning the multilevel referral program isn’t of any use.

Some Things You Should Know Before Investing Time And Money​

You won’t earn much.  Unless you can refer a good bunch of people to the site, I’m not sure it’s worth joining.

What Others Are Saying About It

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Over To You :​

What’s your take on WowApp?  Any other lookalike we should be aware of?











Business Model



  • Easy way to earn spending money
  • Legit
  • Trustworthy owner
  • Alternative to WhatsApp


  • 1$ + 8% transaction fees to cash out
  • Low earning potential
  • All about getting referrals
  • Poor referral program