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Walter Green's Free Money System

Review of : Walter Green's Free Money System

Use : Binary Option, Make Money Online

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Business Model

Pros :

  • None

Cons :

  • Fake owner
  • Hidden info
  • No guaranteed results
  • Rely mostly on luck
  • Tons of binary option scams
  • 200$ minimum investment
  • No support
  • Fake testimonials

Overview: Nice, another one of those millionaires maker.

Give me your email address now and you'll have 27 543$ in your account tomorrow... I swear !

The sad part in all this is seeing marketers like Nancy Fox encouraging those scams -_-​


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What is Free Money System by Walter Green about ?​

Another obvious scam claiming it will get you rich quick without investing any money.

Using fake testimonials, numbers, spots left and shady marketing techniques to sell dream.

People in general are looking for ways to make quick money so scam artists are playing on that.


Walter Green’s Free Money System is an affiliate to binary option brokers.  Nothing less, nothing more.

Once you give them your email address (so they can spam you) and sign-up, you are asked to choose between 3 online brokers ; GTOptions, XB24 and AnyOption.


They are all well known platforms in the industry.  On this end, you can be sure they are legit.

But the thing is that Free Money System doesn’t help you make money in any way.  They are simply redirecting you to one of those via their affiliate links.

In other words : they make a commission from every $ invested in these binary brokers.

You won’t get rich, they will.


People buying into this kind of stuff aren’t all stupid.

We so badly want to believe we can get rich that we let our rationality on the side.

Scammers are creating and playing on your emotions, leading you to making impulsive decisions.


Please, be smart and understand that no one, not even a super software, can predict the course of action .

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Who is This Walter Green behind the Free Money System software ?​

Walter Green the Green Machine

Walter Green, also known as Green Money, is … drum roll … an actor !

Yeah you guessed right, this old and silly man you see in the video is nothing more than someone who sold himself to scam artists.

He isn’t creating hundreds of millionaires each month.

I guess he never even has created 1.


Walter Green, as any other person you see in the 30 minutes long video, is a persona.

Don’t try to contact him for a refund lol.

How much does Walter Green's Free Money System cost ?​

Giving your personal info to these scammers is, lucky you, completely free.

Sign-up with one of the brokers and starting biding on stocks and shares will cost you a bare minimum of 200$.


But, a commission on 200$ isn’t that great for those behind the Free Money System.

They try hard to make you spend a lot more than that.

Why not invest 1000$ ? The more you invest, the more you make money.

Walter Green's Free Money System

It’s the same thing as going to the casino.

Play 50$ and you may win 50$.

But your goal is to make 1000$… Why not play 1000$ ?


Some things you should know before buying the Free Money System software

  1. The video starts with obvious lies and unrealistic claims
  2. Fake actors and testimonials
  3. The Free Money System isn’t a real thing.  Only affiliates links toward binary brokers
  4. They will make money not you
  5. Binary options are far from being newbie-friendly
  6. Even experts cannot predict accurately if stocks are going to rise or fall
  7. If you are lucky you will make money, otherwise you will lose your money
  8. Binary options are comparable to going to the casino
  9. 200$ minimum investment without a guarantee of making at least 1 cent…

Most important point of all… you are giving your personal info to scammers…

Don’t think they won’t do a thing with that.

At best they will spam you with related products.

My personal take on the FMS​

What I think of

Never been a big fan of binary options.

I did try once and luckily made some money.

But it was hard to get my money out of the “system”.


Anyway, this review isn’t about binary options in general.

About Walter Green’s Free Money System, I would highly recommend you to stay away from this thing.

There’s absolutely NOTHING for you in it.


At the very least you could sign-up with one of those binary brokers by yourself without having to give your info to “Green Money” and making him rich.


What others are saying about Walter Green's Free Money System

What is the best way to make money online ?

If you really want to earn online, stay away from binary options.

If that’s really they kind of things you’d like to do, go to the casino.

Same thing.


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Here are all the different ways to make money online.

Over to you :​

What do you think of this Walter Green and his Free Money System ?

Have your heard of Walter Carter’s Millionaire Blueprint ?

Seems that they both got some incredible similarities…

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

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