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Online gambling isn't a good trick to earn money at home

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Created in 2014

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Shady marketer(s), not to say scammer(s)

Pros :

  • You can earn little money if you are lucky

Cons :

  • It is called the Martingale and it's doomed to fail
  • The owners don't mind you go bankrupt.  They just want their commissions on your investments
  • What they show you isn't a trick
  • Fake testimonials, obviously

Summary : I stumbled on ThePlayProfit while clicking ads on a PTC site.

I was surprised to see that there's still someone, somewhere, trying to lure people into online casinos with this "trick".

Doubling your bets when you lose a (near) 50% chances game is called Martingale.

It's doomed to fail because the gambler needs 3 things to be a winner using the Martingale : infinite wealth, infinite bets and infinite time.​

If one of those is missing, the house will always win.

Gambling online isn't different from gambling in real life.  It's still gambling.  There's no trick or system to beat the house.

If you really are looking to earn money online, I highly suggest you invest your time and money into something legit and risk-free.

Check out my recommendation below.​

What is ThePlayProfit about ?​

ThePlayProfit, which is the exact same thing as PlayCashSystem, is only an affiliate sale page designed to get people to download a casino software.

It promises you that using their “trick” you’ll make 150$ a day with 15-20 minutes of work.

TPP or PCS aren’t products or services and you won’t get any support.

The purpose of the websites isn’t showing you how to make money.  The sole purpose of those sites is to make you download the software and invest money in the casinos.

If you do, the owners will get commission each time you deposit money in your accounts because they referred you to the site. Casinos Software

Who is the owner of ThePlayProfit ?

They use a privacy protection service to protect their identities.

Anyway, it’s not like it was important.

If you feel you got scammed by those sites, you can always get their info via their host providers or domain providers.

Taking legal actions against them would be hard and expensive, but can be done.

I think they use misleading advertisement and clearly lie to people.  It’s obvious this is just a trick to make money on people’s back and I really don’t like that.

Also, online gambling can be very destructive for some people and they don’t seem to care.

Is TPP a scam or is it legit ?​

It’s a blatant scam.

Fake testimonials and lies all over the page.

The trick they are using is nothing more than an old trick called the Martingale. 

It was really popular in the 18th century in Europe.

Gamblers would double their bets on 50/50 games such as head or tail until they get their investment back and make a little profit.

The Martingale Method

It was proven to fail because of the exponential bets.

To counter this “trick”, casinos implemented minimum and maximum bets.

It’s made so that if you lose X times in a row, you can’t make your investment back unless you win 2 consecutive times half the total of your bets.

Let’s say we start with 1$ like in the video.  The maximum bet of this casino is 75$ :

1 – 2 -4 -8 -16 -32 -64

You can double your bet a maximum of 7 times.

You’ll then have lost 127$.

To make your money back, you’ll have to bet (and win) 2 more times 64$.

If it doesn’t happen, what do you do ? Continue until you make your money back ? That’s what gambling is.  A dangerous and very destructive game.

I personally had some problem so I know what I’m talking about.


You can learn more about the Martingale here.

What I like about it 

Absolutely nothing.

What I don't like about it

Absolutely everything. lol.

Seriously they either don’t know what they are talking about or tricking gamblers into downloading their stuff.

This is some bad s***.

Looking To Earn Money From Home?

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Simon With PTC

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Some things you should know before investing time and money​

You won’t get rich because of them.

Their trick isn’t a real trick.

It only relays on luck.  So maybe you’ll be lucky, maybe not.

If you don’t have money to lose, don’t play.


Read opinions on the trick used by TPP.

My personal experience with ThePlayProfit

I have not experienced the casinos they recommend.

But I have prior experience with gambling in general.

I had big problems with that since I was 18.  No joke.

I would spend all the money I had at the casino, trying “tricks”, systems or just feeling lucky.

I LOVE playing for money.

But after several years loosing money (and some friends btw) I realize that gambling is far from being a great thing.

It is fun if you have few bucks to spend.  But NEVER try to make money.

If you play, you play for fun.

Otherwise, that’s where it gets ugly.

What is the best option to make money online ?

There’s no trick or system to make money online.

It takes hard work.  That’s it.

If you really want to learn how to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is the safest way to go.

It’s a community of people like you and me who learn together how to earn online.

I’ve been part of the community since February 2014 and I simply love it.

I learned everything I know from this place and still enjoy it.

Joining is free and you get my personal help.

Over to you :​

What’s your story ? Were you fooled by ThePlayProfit or its sister site PlayCashSystem ?