Can You Really Make Money With The Taps For Money App?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Wondering if you can really make money downloading and playing this app that is Taps For Money?  In this review I go over why I think this app isn’t worth your time.

What is taps for money about?

It’s really simple.  The goal is to reach 1.000.000 taps.  To do that, all you have to do is tap on your screen.  Every now and then (more often than not) an ad will pop.  You are then required to watch that ad before continuing tapping.  That’s how they make their money by the way.

Once you’ve reach the goal, you get to chose a 15$ gift card from either PayPal, Amazon, iTunes or Xbox.  After that, you can’t play again.  It’s over.  It’s like a Bic app.

#Who is the owner of TFM?

The app is owned by Apps that Pay, LLC.  They also own Zap SurveysMovie Money and Fish For Money and Money Mission.

I haven’t get my gift card yet so I can’t say for sure.  But from what I’ve read and see, it’s a legit app.

What I like about it

Let’s be honest here, it’s easy money.  Easy money’s always fun.  I also like the fact they tried to make it look like some sort of game.  At first it really was just about tapping on your screen.

What I don’t like about it

You can’t go fast because of all the ads.   And because of that, reaching the 1.000.000 taps takes forever.

But that’s not what I hate the most about this app.  Because you are tapping on stuff and  want to go fast, when the ads pop, chances are you’re gonna tap on them too.  Most of time you’ll open a page in your browser or the App Store because of that.  So frustrating.

Overall, it really takes a long time and thousands/tens of thousands of ads before being able to cash out and most people say it takes about a month before receiving your gift card.

Ha and it’s only 1 gift card per person.  Once you’re done with it, you’re done.

How can you make money from Taps For Money?

There’s pretty much only one way to make money from this app and it’s by… tapping.  lol.

Once in the app, you’ll see one big button at the center.  That’s your money tree.  It’s some sort of game where, after each tap, you are presented with two choices.  Every time you pick the right one, the number of taps it gives you doubles.  Every time you pick the wrong one, the game starts over.

At the top left corner you got a seed you can water.  Each tap is worth 10 taps, but the catch is that there’s an ad every 1-3 taps.

Same thing for the money farm, that you unlock once you’ve watered your seed 500 times.

Some things you should know before investing your time​

I find that the easiest and most efficient way to do things is by watching the videos.  It’s the TV icon at the bottom right.  Every video is worth 225 taps.  Unlike the other options, you don’t have to tap much on the screen and it’s faster because you get videos like those ones anyways when you are watering your seed and stuff.

Only thing to be careful tho is that once you’ve watch a video, don’t click on the replay button to watch another one.  It seems like Tap For Money doesn’t count them separately if you don’t go back to the home screen between each.

So, watch a video, click on the X icon at the end, go to the home page.  Rinse and repeat.


My personal experience with the app

I’m far from reaching the 1.000.000 taps.  I read some comments about people saying it took them few hours, I personally don’t believe that.  Unless you’re cheating with some sort of firewall and/or adblocker.

Damn you Taps For Money.

What others are saying about it

I haven’t found much reviews on it, sadly.  Here’s one:

What are the best option to make money online ?

Over to you :​

What’s your take on Taps For Money?  Worth your time and “effort”?

Taps For Money






User experience







  • "Free money"


  • Intrusive ads
  • Many complaints
  • Takes forever before withdrawing