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How it works

Online surveys are an easy and cheap way for companies to get valuable market research from a targeted audience.  Market research is a insanely big market; companies crave to know what you’re thinking.

Often times those companies or market research companies will use third party websites to share their surveys and reach more people.  As an incentive for people to complete the surveys, they are welling to pay them.

In other words, the company tap into their target audience and you get paid. 

Like I said, because those companies won’t often have their own audience to share surveys with, they’ll partner with third parties like some websites you’ll find on this list.  They pay the website for “sharing” its audience, the website gets its cut and you get paid.

The only requirement to take surveys is the right demographic.  It should never cost you any money.  All you have to do to get started is sign-up to one or more of the below sites, complete your profile and that’s it!  Start taking surveys.

Make sure to take a quick look at the basics, it could save you some time and ultimately money.

The basics

There are a few basic rules (tips?) you need to know before taking surveys. 

  • You won’t qualify for all surveys, simply because you might not fit the targeted audience. 
  • Unlike what you may think, don’t try to cheat the screening surveys.  On many websites your profile builds up as you take those and you get surveys based on it.  If you’re inconsistent in your answers, you’ll just end up with no survey to take at all.
  • Overtime you’ll come to understand how surveys as well as qualification surveys work and you’ll be able to “rush” them.  But at the beginning make sure you answer truthfully and that you don’t get caught by a trick question
  • Yeah, sometimes there are hidden trick questions to catch  those trying to just go through surveys super fast (or bots) 
  • Make sure to look at the length of the surveys and pick which ones you want to take based on your availability.
  • Most of times you cannot come back to surveys later on during the day.  If you start it, finish it or you won’t get credited.
  • If you’re using multiple sites (sometimes on the same site) you’ll probably take the same surveys more than once.  If that’s the case and that you’ve answered truthfully the first time, it’ll be easy.  Faster, faster, faster.
  • Don’t always try to take the high paying surveys first, they usually are longer and not worth when looking at money/time.

Swagbucks is by far the most popular on this list.  It always has lots of surveys available at any given time, they usually pay well and you can cash out for gift cards and PayPal money.

The downside is that you have to go through a mini-survey at the beginning of each survey to find out if you qualify, which can be a pain.  

I did a 15$ survey once with them.  It simply had to watch an episode of a series that wasn’t available to the public yet (forgot the name, some mystery thing) and answer questions about the actors.  Was quite fun.

Swagbucks Payment Proof 2017
SurveyJunkie Payment Proof PayPal

The thing I like the most about Survey Junkie is that the surveys are usually quite short and the rewards are decent.  You can cash out through PayPal instantly once you’ve reached 10$.  Also, you know right away if you qualify or not for surveys.

You usually only get a few surveys each days.  At best I get 10 a day and that includes those I don’t qualify for.  To make the most out of it I have to log in every day and go through all of’em.

Short surveys, decent pay, no screener (prequalification survey) and instant payment through PayPal have won Survey Junkie its place on this list. 

MintVine Payment Proofs ScamsKitchen

Best known as MintVine, Branded Surveys is the site in this list offering the best user experience in my opinion.  You take surveys based on your profile and answers from previous surveys.  Targeted surveys are usually more for and you don’t need to fear about qualifying or not for them. 

The major downside of this website is that points you earn are pending/on hold for 2 weeks and payments take 2 more weeks.  Easy money, but not fast money. 

If only LegerWeb had more surveys regularly it would be my #1 recommendation.  They are a survey panel, meaning they create their surveys themselves.  No third party surveys.  I’ve participated in quite a few researches where I got paid 100-200$ for one or two sessions of 1-2 hours. They pay great and like Branded Surveys, surveys you get are based on your profile and previous answers.

Not a lot of surveys available at any given time, you mostly need to wait to get an email from them that a survey for you is available.  Other thing I dislike is that they either pay you by cheques or prepaid visa/mastercard card for more “important” one like I said above.  So the payment process is a bit longer.  Worth mentioning it’s only available to Canada and USA at the moment.

Prolific Academic Payment Proof PayPal ScamsKitchen

This site is very different from the other ones you’ll find on this list.  A bit like LegerWeb, they create their own surveys.  Usually surveys are created by university professors, students, researchers and such.  Surveys are really short and pay really really well.  The minimum withdrawal is low, it’s in Euro and payments are processed fast.  

The catch?  Survey creators are only looking for a specific amount of answers.  Meaning you gotta jump on those little money-making-surveys.  First-come, first-serve.  Surveys are only up for a certain amount of time and you have to and complete them by the end of the timer.  

FusionCash Account Money Proof

What I like about FusionCash is how they present the available surveys.  It’s a list where you can see: the third party, the title of the survey, the average length and how much they pay.  In a glimpse you can see which ones you want to do first.  You also get to know fast if you qualify or not and they give you 1 cent for each survey you don’t qualify for.  Not a lot but it’s still that.

The downside is that the minimum required to cash out is quite high (25$).  I also find that I don’t qualify for much surveys so it’s a lot of 1 cent before getting to one that actually pays. 

I Say Payment Proof ScamsKitchen

This one was my favorite when I started taking surveys for money.  It’s simple to use and surveys are usually a bit more targeted.  To give you an example, back then I was living and Montreal and during the Quebec elections I started getting surveys related to politic and these specific elections.  They usually pay well.

On the flip side, you won’t get many surveys every day.  There’s no referral program.  Not many different rewards.

Paid To Read Email Payment Proof

If you’re into those paid to read emails sites, you’ll probably love Paid-To-Read-Email.  They give you 0.10$ for every email you read.  

The catch is that in order to receive those emails, you need to complete offers and that’s when the paid surveys come into play.  You take surveys and they “reward” you with paid emails… Kinda.

Love this site, pretty easy money.

SuperPayMe Payment Proof PayPal

The user experience is a bit poor but the site is legit and always has tons of surveys available. 

Overall good paid surveys, and you can cash out instantly through PayPal.

There are also many many other ways to earn on the site which can be a plus.

From all the things you can do to earn money online, paid surveys are imo the easiest and most accessible of all.  You probably won’t get rich with that but if you’re looking to make a little more money from your home without having to learn anything new, it’s the way to go. 

I’ve personally tested the above sites and I’ve ranked them from my favorite to my least favorite.  I sat and took the time to think about what makes me like one site more than an other and here are a few things I think are important when ranking them:

  • Quantity of surveys available on a regular basis
  • How well do they pay on average for the time required
  • When do they let you know if you aren’t qualified (instantly or after a mini-survey)
  • Are the surveys available on other websites (e.g. PeanutLabs)
  • Minimum required to cash out and the payment process (is it fast, can you withdraw cash or only gift card, etc.)
  • User experience 


I don’t really pay attention to the website’s popularity.  It can be a good indicator but not always.  If the site is good, it’s good regardless if it’s a popular one or not right?  The same goes for crappy site that a lot of people seem to enjoy for whatever reason. 

If you need help or would like to understand how I use(d) those sites, you can subscribe to my “paid survey sites email list” below.  I think tips I give are interesting. 

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