Sim, August 24, 2019

Review of :

Use : PTC (Paid To Click)

Overall Ranking

Scam, scam, scam

Well Established ?

New PTC and new scam

Ease of Use

Fairly easy to use


No support, blocked the forum


Stop paying the members


Reknown scammer

  • Payment processors : PayPal, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney
  • Minimum withdrawal : 4$
  • Minimum deposit : 4$
  • Average daily earnings (basic membership) : 0.075$
  • Membership prices range : 55$ - 1025$
  • Script : EvolutionScript
  • Launch date : July 2015

Pros :

  • None

Cons :

  • Scam, not paying
  • Scam artist owner
  • Self-promoted ads
  • Inactive forum
  • Expensive membership
  • Selling dream
  • Can't advertise

Summary : I've personally tested SoundBux and it turns out I am not able to withdraw my money.

The owner revoke the right to post in the forum to everyone.

Advertisements are self-promoted ads with porn GIF and images.

Too rewarding (red flag)

You don't even need to read the full review, SoundBux is a pure scam.​

What is SoundBux about ?​

It’s a website where you sign-up to earn money by clicking ads.

PTC is surely one of the riskier “business” model you can find online.


Those websites are selling you the idea that you can earn extra money simply by clicking ads.

In fact, this is how it works :

  • People are paying SoundBux to advertise on the website
  • Soundbux sells you into viewing their advertisers’ ads for cents
  • You click on ads, Soundbux gives you your 0,001$ and also gives the guy who referred you to the site is cut

Basically what people want from you is this :

  • Advertisers : they usually are promoting another PTC site and want you to join under their referral link
  • Investors : buying/renting accounts without referee and earn a % of the revenue of all their rented referrals
  • Your referee : only wants  you to keep clicking on ads to make a % 

And you ? Well, if you don’t invest money, you’re only the dumb guy feeding this shady system and investors.


And if you invest money ? Well, you gotta find and keep driving new “feeders” to the site through your aff links.

In short, either you are the slave or the master slave. 

Hint : Both are equally wrong.


PTC Sites

Who is the owner of SoundBux ?

The admin is a serial scammer behind several PTC sites that turned to scam :

  • Smartsbux (still)
  • Beautibux (still)
  • Sunnyclix (still)
  • Venusbux (still)
  • Rainclix (closed)
  • Edenbux (closed)
  • Lucentbux (closed)
  • Trustybux (closed)
  • Strongclix (closed)
  • EaglesBux (closed)
  • ConixBux (closed)
  • GuaranteedPTC (closed)
  • Safeclix (closed)
  • StartClix (closed)
  • Rectorclix (closed)
  • Regalclix (closed)
  • Wealthbux (closed)
  • PotentBux (closed)
  • WorthClikz (closed)
  • Paymentarea (closed)

Only that should keep you away from that crap.

He open site, pay the members at start and when he got enough investors/investments, shut down the website and open a new one.


Is SoundBux a scam or is it legit ?​

Complete rip-off.

If you invested money in it, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that, but you lost it.

My payment is still pending.

SoundBux Payment Pending

What I like about it 

I liked the idea of making way more money than on any other PTC or Bux site out there.

When it’s too good…

What I don't like about it


A reknown scammer, with a new scam site, scamming people out of their hard worked money.

How can you make money from SoundBux ?

You can’t lol.

My personal experience with SoundBux

I’m a boss for expressing my thoughts with Paint…

Simon With PTC

What others are saying about it

What is the best option to make money online ?

If you are looking to earn money online, I highly suggest you to build your own business.

It takes a little more time and efforts, but in the long run is really worth it.

Stop trying to make a quick bucks here and there.

Build something you own, you control and for what you are getting paid over and over.

Click here.

Over to you :​

Have you been scammed by SoundBux ?

What’s your favorite way to earn online ?