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Earning Opportunities

Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal or direct deposit
  • Minimum withdrawal : 0$

Pros :

  • Make money from things you usually buy
  • Legit, paying
  • One of the most popular of its kind
  • Been featured all over the internet countless of times over the past years

Cons :

  • USA, France & UK only
  • Many technical issues complaints
  • Can't stack with other rebates
  • Mostly grocery items


If you do join this program, send me an email and let me know!  I'll do my best to help you.  Let's make some money together!

What is Shopmium about?​

Shopmium is an app created with the goal of changing the relation between the consumer and the product brands.  The app is free and rewards anyone (in USA, France and UK) buying products at listed stores.

In other words, you get cash back on your purchases.  How it works is simple:

  • Search the app for the products you want to buy 
  • Once you’ve bought the products you scan the bar code and your receipt
  • Request your cash back

Who is the owner of the Shopmium app?

The parent company is called Quotient Technology Inc.  They also own one of the biggest coupons apps and websites out there,

Is it a scam or is it legit?​

It’s a legit app, no worries about that. 

What I like about it 

Well, the idea of getting paid on purchases you would do anyways is awesome.  Being the sister site of also brings a touch of legitimacy.

They pay instantly through PayPal and direct deposit.

What I don't like about it

It’s only available to 3 countries: United States, France and United Kingdom.  Also, not all products and not all stores are listed on the app.  Make sure to do your homework because you might not get cash back on everything you buy.

Also, don’t expect making that much. 

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How can you make money from Shopmium?

Like I said above, it’s really simple.  All you have to do is scan the bar code of the products you buy and take pictures of your receipts to send Shopmium.  You’ll get cashback on items that are listed in the app.

How much does the referral program pay?​

The program pays you 2$ for every person you refer, but only once they’ve completed their first shopping rebate.  Meaning that you’ll only get 2$ after your referral successfully sent the receipt photo and was approved for cashback.

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Over to you :​

What’s your take on the Shopmium app?  What’s your favorite discounts/coupons site or app?









Earning Opportunities





  • Get cashback on your regular purchases
  • Legit, paying
  • One of the most popular
  • Been featured all over the internet
  • Instant payments


  • USA, France & UK only
  • Many technical issues
  • Can't stack with other rebates
  • Mostly grocery items