Sim, August 24, 2018

Review of : Share This Profit (sharethisprofit)

Use : Business directory listing

Overall Ranking

No guaranteed profits

Value For Money

5$ minimum with a 170% maturity max

Ease of Use

Compared to other PTC, a bit overwhelming at first


Ticket desk support (24h), pretty new also so no reviews or comments

Tools Included



Youtube : MonsterAds Hawari  Abdulrahman Hawari

Pros :

  • It can actually work
  • Unlike other sites, AdPacks prices are pretty low
  • Custom built squeeze pages
  • 3 ways to earn

Cons :

  • Too risky
  • Cannot use Paypal
  • Based in Saudi Arabia
  • Less than 6 months olds...
  • Not the owner's first attempt
  • Borderline legal
  • Not that user friendly

Summary : Share This Profit is an online advertising site.

Their main product is business directory listing or AdPacks if you prefer.​

They also sell ads in various forms, have a referral program and a small portion of the site is dedicated to PTC.​

What is Share This Profit about ?​

This isn’t the first one to do something like that.

Members are buying AdPacks, which are pooled and given back to members.

I really dislike this kind of “business”.  It’s like asking 5 of your friends for 5 dollars, give them 2$ back each, wait for them to invite their friends to give 5$ each, give 4$ back to your first friends, etc.

All of your friend make 1$ and the cycle continue.

Yeah, a bit scammy I know.


The only thing that makes those websites legally accepted is that they are selling a “product”.

Advertisement is clearly more a cover to the core business.


So as I said, once you join and buy your AdPacks, you are placed in some kind of list.

The more ad packs you buy, the more you may earn and the more you may lose.

Let’s say for example you buy 10 packs at 5$ each.

You spend 50$ and are then placed in line, behind older pack buyers.

Max maturity of your investment is of 170% so 8.5$ each x 10 = 85$


Earnings with this system depend on how much new “investors” come to the site and how many ad packs they buy.

Because once the members in front of you (in the line remember) got paid their 170% max, it’s your turn.

And then, it’s someone else’s turn.

If you want to make more money … You need to buy more AdPacks.

The wheel goes on and on.


The problem is when people’ll stop investing in Share This Profits.

There will be no more profits and the website will close its doors, regardless of if you’ve been paid or not.

Who is behind ?​

I was quite surprised to see that the owner of the website could be found very easily.

In the above video (I know, 5 minutes is pretty long), you can visually see some more about the creator.

Abdulrahman Hawari is the owner of the site, based in Saudi Arabia.

He’s also behind Commission Mailer Pro ; a poorly designed website.

It seems that Share That Sale wasn’t is first attempt in this industry.

Could he be trusted ? Nothing against him, but I think he’s only in for the money.

Not that it is a bad thing but, I don’t think he’ll be around for long with this site.

My advice : be careful. 

How much does Share This Profit cost ?​

The AdPacks are about 5$ each.

You can buy as many as  you want.  The more = the more potential earnings.


The minimum payout is 5$ and the maximum is about 200$.

200$ at a 8.5$ max per pack makes … 23.5 packs.

If you are planning trying it out, I would suggest you buy at max 23.5 packs.  

That way you won’t outdo the maximum payout.

Some things you should know before signing-up for STP

  • This business model is barely legal
  • Once investments will begin to drop, you can be sure the website will close its doors
  • It isn’t the owner’s first attempt at a website like this one
  • Cannot accept payments and cashouts by Paypal…
  • Only 5 months old
  • No review, comments or testimonials

My personal take on the Share This Profit​

What I think of

I personally won’t try to get rich with this.

There’s no real guarantee you’ll make your money back.

You’d better be going to the casino than trying to make money on these sites.


Things I really enjoy doing are mostly blogging, affiliate marketing and playing with AdSense.

Those are simple, still efficient ways to earn money online without the risk of loosing all your hard worked money.

What others are saying about STP​

The only honest review I found right now is this :


Over to you :​

I’d like to know your thoughts, not only on Share This Profit, but also on business directory listing sites in general.

Also, STP clearly states it is not a HYIP… what do you think of that ?


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