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Ways to Earn

Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal, gift cards
  • Minimum withdrawal : No minimum
  • Average earnings per click : 0.05$ to 1$
  • Launch date : 2005

Pros :

  • Legit, paying
  • Awesome way to earn pocket-money
  • Several ways to earn
  • Well reputed
  • No minimum withdrawal threshold

Cons :

  • US and UK only

Overview:  Qmee started as an awesome browser extensio, paying its users for searching the web like they normally do.  Overtime, they added other easy ways to earn pocket-money, such as taking surveys and shopping.


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What is Qmee about?​

So, what makes Qmee Qmee, is the browser extension that pays you to search the web.  

How does it work exactly?  Well, once installed, the browser extension runs in the background and you don’t actually have to “use” it.  When you’re shopping on sites like Amazon and Ebay, or when you’re just using search engines like Google and Bing, Qmee shows you their sponsored related results.

It works a bit like Google ads you see when searching Google, but instead it pays you when you click on the links and it tells you where you can save money, get cashback, etc.

Who is the owner of Qmee?

It is owned and operated by DJI Opco LLC.

Is it a scam or is it legit?​

Qmee is a legitimate way to earn extra cash from your home.  It’s been around for over a decade, has been paying since its debuts and is without any doubt one of the most well-reputed of its kind.

What I like about it 

Most of tools like this one you’ll find online, require you to use their own search engines in order to get points or money.  Qmee is more of an add on to search engines.  You can use your favorite sites and get paid for it. 

Do you use Google?  Now you can get paid for it.  

What I don't like about it

Sadly, it’s only available to US and UK.

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How can you make money from Qmee?

What Qmee is known for is their sponsored results.  It’s the most enjoyable way to earn money because you aren’t actually doing anything more than usual.

But, for those who want to earn more with it, you can take surveys, get cashback on certain items, retails or websites and you can even make money by referring people to the site.

Everything is quite straight forward.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

Not all your searches will reward you.  Advertisers that use Qmee to get exposure won’t pay for non-buying intent keywords.  What it means for you is that you’re going to make more money if you’re looking to “buy” something.

Search such as: where to buy X, best X, top X, compare prices of X…  

It doesn’t mean you’re going to make money every time, but it increases your chances.

On a side note.  don’t think they’re not used to people trying to trick them.  If they find out you aren’t searching the web like a normal person do and if they think you’re just trying to make money, you might get your account banned.

It’s really up to you.

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Over to you :​

What’s your take on Qmee and other “paid to surf” sites?