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Review of : Project Payday

Use : Make money online from CPA

Overall Ranking

Pretty bad program

Value For Money

1 star because you can actually make money.  But...

Ease of Use

Overall pretty user-friendly


​No support

Tools Included

No real tools, except for referring people


Eric Kissel (General Manager) scam artist

Pros :

  • Some claims online about users making money with PPD

Cons :

  • You're giving your info to many different companies
  • You have to buy products and services 
  • You're doing business with untrustworthy companies
  • Hard to make money
  • Email + phone spam
  • Lots of complaints
  • Not BBB compliant
  • Hard to keep track of your offers, orders, etc.

Summary : You can make money with 3 different (what they call) methods.

Method 1 - You sign-up for different offers on different websites as someone's referral.  To do so, PPD as a forum where you can find people paying for referral sign-ups.  You need to barging with them.  Nothing much complicated.  But, there's a catch. 

Method 2 - You become the buyer of referrals.  You are now the one who pays people to complete offers on other sites.  Method 2 focuses on cash rewards like Paypal cash outs.

Method 3 - Unlike method 2, you are now focusing on goods like electronic.  Project PayDay say this method is more lucrative because of the higher profit margin.  Remember that you got to sell those electronics.​

What is Project Payday about ?​

My 2015 Project Payday Review – Is It a Scam Or Legit ?

Once you successfully signed-up for PPD, you are redirected to a sales page…

This page looks like it’s been done in 1990.

Anyway, you are now asked to complete any of the following offers.

For some you’ll need to pay, some are free.  However, you’ll need your credit card for any one of them.

That’s where it gets tricky. 

You now need to start keeping track of every offer you sign-up for.  In the terms & conditions, you can see that even the free ones will start charging your credit card in the next days if you don’t cancel.

Project PayDay account activation

You probably already came across a website with this kind of offers.

The offers look like something like this :

Project Payday offers

This is only the first part toward your account creation.

You aren’t even a PPD’s member yet and need to throw them your info, your credit card, your time and your money.

They are already asking as much as they could probably do.


There’s also a tricky catch with completing offers.  It’s not just about handing your info and signing-up.

Check the screenshot below.

Project PayDay Swagbucks

I’ve been a Swagbucks’ member for quite a long time now and let me tell you this :

Earning 500 points on the platform takes long lol.

Paid offers takes less time to complete, obviously.


Another little catch.  After completing your first offer, you need to pay for the PPD membership.

Just try to close the page.

Project PayDay Exit

35$ for the membership… woot.

Now you only need to complete an offer to get it free.

Wow.  That was time consuming for a “simple” sign-up.

Now can we start making money ?


Method 1, consists in completing offers like this one via the PPD forum.

Understand that you are a PPD newbie.  You need to go through your initiation.

Older members of the site post “jobs” on the forum.  Let’s say I am getting paid 500$ if 5 persons sign-up via my referral for a specific offer.

On the forum I will offer 5 persons 50$ each if they sign-up for the offer.

5 X 50 = 250      500$ – 250$ = 250$ profit.


I just explained you method 2 and 3 in the meanwhile.

There’s nothing much to say about this.

  1. New members complete offers for other members
  2. Older members pay new ones to complete offers for them
  3. Same as method 2 but instead of cash rewards, they are getting goods like electronic they can resell

Who is behind the Project Payday program ?​

Eric Kissel is seen on the internet as a scam artist.

Eric Kissel Project PayDay

Many persons claim he’s a good friend of Zac McGrath.

Both are friends with ReviewOpedia’s owner Yan Gurevich.

Eric’s using ReviewOpedia as an opportunity to write false reviews on his competitors and also on


When digging a little bit, we see that the site may have been co-funded by Monika St. John.

Which we don’t know anything about.


Here’s a few link you may check for more information on these both :



How much does the Project Payday cost ?​

The membership fee is around 35$.

Which is only a starter point.  You’ll probably end up spending a lot, and I mean a lot, more than what you expected.

Click here to see the story of Cheryl who ended-up being charged on her credit card illegally.


As I said, even if the so called free offers are free, you enter your credit card info.

The resulted for a lot of members in being charge without knowing by tiers companies.

Cheryl (link above) make it clear that you need to be really good at keeping track of everything.

Even then, you may get fooled.


You’re going to spend as less as 35$ to as much as … ??

Some things you should know before joining Project Payday

My 2015 Project Payday Review - Is It a Scam Or Legit

Project PayDay is a risky business.

Lots of complaints and people saying they got scammed.


Even if some are making money (we have to believe it), don’t think it is quick and easy money as they try to make you believe.

Headaches.  That’s what’s coming for you.

My personal take on Project Payday

What I think of

You are getting paid by giving your personal info to hundreds of different companies.  

Only that is enough to make me walk away, far away from Project Payday.

If you are thinking about giving false info to those companies to complete the CPA offers…

You are not the first to think of it.

This is called : fraud.

Are you ready to take such chances for 1-2$ ?  It’s up to you.


There’s another way to make money with Project Payday.

While it is true you still can make money as an affiliate, it’s kind of unethical.

Why the hell would you promote products or services you wouldn’t use for yourself.

The only reason would be that you’re a money whore.

Don’t get mad if it’s the case.

Thousands of marketers around the globe are money whores too.  

They will promote anything if they can make 2-3 cents out of it.

So be careful with what you find on the web.

What others are saying about it

There’s tons of Project Payday reviews out there.

They often are a couple years old, so be careful to watch the published and updated time.

Over to you :​

What about you.  Are you a member of Project Payday ?

Or were you on the way to signing-up ?

What’s your story ?

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