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Use : Paid To Watch Videos

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Ways to Earn

Business Model

  • Payment processors : Gift card, sweepstakes 
  • Minimum withdrawal : 0.25$
  • Launch date : 2009

Pros :

  • Easy money
  • Kind of residual (can play in background)
  • Low minimum withdrawal
  • Well-reputed company
  • Been around for years

Cons :

  • Only available to Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India
  • Can only redeem gift cards

Overview:  Perk.TV was founded in 2009 and since then, as grown to one of the biggest rewards apps in the world.  It owns a multitude of other similar apps.


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What is Perk.TV about?​

It’s a reward app, where you get paid to watch videos (mainly).  After/before each videos, there are ads, which you need to watch in order to earn points.

Kind of easy to earn points, you can let the app run, videos after videos and make a few cents each day lol.

Who is the owner of Perk TV?

It’s owned by Perk, the mother company of so many other apps:

  • Perk
  • Perk TV
  • Perk TV Live
  • Scratch & Win
  • Jetpack Journey
  • Unlock & Win
  • Perk Pop Quiz
  • Perk Wallet
  • Word Search
  • Rewards Reader
  • Viggle

Is it a scam or is it legit?​

It’s a legit app.

What I like about it 

Well, it’s owned by a well known and well reputed company.  It’s a legit app (and site), has been around for years and has been paying since its debuts.

You also can let the app run on autopilot and let it watch tons of videos.  

What I don't like about it

Too many complaints, only available to restricted areas, too much ads within the app, low earning potential, can only get gift cards out of it, poor support, tons of technical issues, need to download other apps to earn “good” pocket-money…

What more?  One of the most popular rewards apps of all time sucks on so many points.

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How can you make money from PerkTV?

  • Videos – You get 4 points for every 2 videos you watch.  While it’s against their TOS, you could leave the app running, kind of like the Swagbucks app.  You just make money.
  • Live TV – This is another app all in itself.  You get paid to watch TV and watch the commercials.
  • Refer people –  The referral program sucks.  More on that below.
  • Offers – Just like all other GPT sites and apps, you can earn extra points by taking surveys, signing-up to sweepstakes and other simple stuff.

How much does the referral program pay?​

You only get points (500 points) when your referrals withdraw for the first time.  Yep, it sucks.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

Over the past years, there have been so many complaints about the app: Accounts being terminated, technical issues, poor support, too many ads, etc.

If it’s too much of a pain in the ass to make it work, don’t waste your time trying to fix it and contact support.  Nothing will change.  

What others are saying about it

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Over to you :​

What’s your take on PerkTV?