Can You Really Make Money With Perk Pop Quiz!?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Yay or nay: I know I gave this app a bad rating but it is based on the above rating factors.  I mean, compared to a lot of other make money apps this one is can actually be enjoyable/fun.  If you don’t mind the low earnings and like answering questions on your phone, it might be worth a shot.

What Is The Perk Pop Quiz! App About?

It’s a free mobile app available on both iOS and Android.  The app is a game in which you answer trivia questions and get rewarded points you can later exchange for gift cards and other prizes.

Perk also owns:

  • Perk
  • Perk TV
  • Perk TV Live!
  • Scratch & Win
  • Unlock & Win
  • Perk Pop Quiz
  • Word Search
  • Perk Wallet
  • Rewards Reader
  • Viggle

How Does It Work?

It’s quite simple actually.  You know Trivia?  Same thing.  You can either play alone or with other people.

Download the app, create your account and start trivia-ing.  At some point you’ll be able to exchange the points you’ve earned for gift cards.

Ways To Make Money From It

For each set of 5 questions you answer, you get rewarded few points and/or tokens.  Points can be exchanged for gift cards, cash for prizes, while tokens are for sweepstakes.

You’ll be using the same account for all the Perk apps, meaning your points and tokens total is accumulated through all the apps.

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How Withdrawals/Payments Work

Once you’ve reached 1$ (1250 points) you’ll have the option to “withdraw” those points for an electronic gift card of your choosing.  Perk processes those gift card requests quite fast usually.  It can be as fast as a few hours to a few days.

Who This Is For

Anyone really.  Teenagers, stay at home parents, students, very old people, anyone.  As long as you have a smartphone you’re good to go.  You don’t even need a good one.  I use my old shait and it works fine.​

Good Stuff About It

Answering trivia questions always’s been nice.  If you can get paid for it, why not?

Ugly/Bad Stuff About It

Earnings are incredibly low.  We’re talking a couple of cents per hour (if you’re playing non-stop).  It sure won’t make you rich.

Like if earning fractions of cents here and there wasn’t bad enough, I don’t get credited for most of the rounds I play.  Many others reported having the same issue,  Bug in the app or with some devices?  Not sure.  So just make sure you’re getting your points before spending an hour playing for nothing.

What Others Are Saying About It

My Opinion And Stuff You Should Know

It’s a legitimate company that created several of the most popular rewards apps on the market.  While the apps won’t make you rich, you can expect to get the money you earn without problem.

For faster rounds (and earnings), make sure to turn on the “Lightning Mode” in your settings.  It will switch the timer for every question from 10 to 5 seconds.

Also, make sure you keep Videos Ads on or you won’t earn points nor tokens.  You get rewarded for viewing the ads, don’t forget that.

What are the best option to make money online ?

Over To You

What’s your take on Perk Pop Quiz?  What’s your favorite rewards app from Perk?

Perk Pop Quiz






User experience







  • Owned by Perk
  • Easy money
  • Fun game


  • Low earning potential
  • Too many ads