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Review of : GoBig7

Use : Make money online

Overall Ranking

You can make money, but isn't a good business model

Value For Money

Not worth your money, neither your time

Ease of Use

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting...


Facebook group

Tools Included

No real tools included


Shady leadership.  Seems the same as PennyMatrix

Pros :

  • You probably can make money if you work hard enough and do the right thing
  • Low risk
  • Small recurring fee
  • Professional looking website
  • User-friendly back office

Cons :

  • It's all about recruiting
  • Selling dream
  • Matrix scheme
  • Same leadership as in PennyMatrix (scam)
  • Shady marketing
  • Must have a solid team
  • No real training
  • No real support
  • Payouts are pretty low on each referral (30 cents)

Summary : GoBig7 is just another matrix schemes.

If you aren't familiar with the concept, you pay a recurring fee to be part of the matrix (in this case 7$) and then recruit others that will pay the fee and will do the same.

Again and again, on several levels deep.​

What is Gobig7 about ?​

GoBig7 Ponzi

It’s another one of those get rich quick schemes.

GoBig7 claims that anybody can make money from their matrix, without posting, selling or referring.

Although, if you can refer 2 people to the matrix, you can make up to near of 20 000$ (yeaaah right).

Who are the guys behind GoBig7​

On HotMLMCompanies, you can see that the company is located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

World Light LLC seems to be the leadership behind this new company.

WL LLC is also behind PennyMatrix, which was the exact same thing as GoBig7.

Who are the guys behind World Light LLC ? I don’t know man.

Some people might think that Michael Dodd is behind it, but apparently is not (check out the comment section here)

​How much does GoBig7 cost

One of the cool things about GB7 is that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get involved.

You can start by creating a free account, but would be asked to pay a 7$ recurring fee to be part of the matrix.

By ”being part of the matrix” I mean, being able to refer people to it and play with ads.

Even if 7$ doesn’t seem a lot to you, remember that the only thing you are paying for is your ability to make a commission on your downlines (which isn’t much).

Although, it can be a good opportunity for people who’d really like to learn the rope of those matrix schemes.

GoBig7 Matrix

Some things to know before buying​

I always though that MLM was legit because it has a product to sell and isn’t only relaying on recruiting.

GoBig7 is like a MLM, without a product.

The “product”, if we can call it that, is advertisements you can place.

At my sense, matrix schemes or opportunities are pretty much scams.

They are playing on the laws and on people’s will to make money.


In order to make good money with this, you’ll need to recruit 1000s of members.

You got 0.30$ for each referral.

Say you want to make like 100$ a month only.

100/0.30 = 333,3 or 334 people.

Can you only imagine the amount of work you’ll need to put in for a slim 100$?

Your time is way more valuable than that.

My personal opinion on GoBig7​

What I think of

It certainly is something I would have went for 2 years ago.

You know those guys jumping on every opportunity to make money ? 

That was me.

And I was doing great.

You can make money from those little business opps, I am a living proof.

But in the long run, you’ll prefer having a solid business.

Why ? Let’s just take GoBig7 as example.  It is the same company as PennyMatrix and is doing the exact same thing, for the exact same price and are using the same ads.

PennyMatrix is dead for some times now.  People who were involved in it, had to start over all they worked so hard for.

It’s going to be the same with GoBig7 and others of its kind.

What others are saying about GoBig7 ?​


Those other reviews may add some insights to this GoBig7 thing.

Over to you :​

What do you think of this business model ?

Do you think GoBig7 can be a reliable income source if you do the right things ?

I’d like to know if you are part of the program !



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