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Review of : ProTypers

Use : Make Money Online (Captcha Entry)

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Business Model

Pros :

  • None

Cons :

  • Need to be a fast typer
  • Owner's stealing members
  • Not paying
  • Waste of time
  • Spam
  • Unknown owner

Overview: is a website claiming you'll get paid to type Captcha.

It's as simple as it seems.  You are presented different captcha and need to type in what they are under 9 seconds.​


If I had to chose and recommend only 1 program to make money online, it would be this one.

What is ProTypers about ?​

All you need to do is sign-up on the website and start typing.

You need to be fast and give the correct answer.

You won’t get paid for the wrong ones and those you didn’t complete in the given time.


The pay rates vary.  Depending on the time of the day you are working, you can get between 0.45$ to 1.5$ for each 1000 captcha entries.

As if it wasn’t long enough before making a couple of dollars, a lot of people reported that the owner was stealing the money they were making.


You can cash out at 3$ via debit, checks, Paypal, WebMoney, Payza and Perfect Money.

You could also request a withdrawal by Western Union if you reach a minimum of 100$ (not happening lol). 

On Today's Menu : My Review - 200% Scam

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

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Who is behind the ProTypers website ?​

The owner’s info aren’t available.

All we know is the the domain name’s owner is Domain By Trust.

I really dislike when the owner remains unknown.

If you know something about this, let us know in the comment below please.

How much does the ProTypers cost ?​

It is free.  Although I wouldn’t connect any of my accounts (Paypal, debit, etc.) to this website.

Lots of complaints about being scammed and spammed.

Some things you should know before joining ProTypers

This website is using people to break captcha for free.

Legit captcha entry websites exist.  This isn’t one of them.


Those websites are paid by companies to “break” captchas.

They can type as much as 700 000 per day.

They usually get paid about 1-1.5$ for 1000 captchas and they pay their users half of that to do the job for them.


ProTypers’ owner probably want to keep the entire revenue for himself.

That may be the reason why nobody gets paid on this site.

My personal take on it​

What I think of

Don’t waste your time on this site.

There’s much better ways to earn money.

You really should consider building a website and monetize it.

That way you own your business and you it will benefit you for months and years to come. 


What others are saying about ProTypers

Over to you :​

Did you try this crap ?

Have you make some money with it ?

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

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[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”ProTypers” description=”The idea is to get paid to break captcha for this website. Who is paid by a company to do so.” rev_name=” Review” rev_body=”200% scam. Do not even bother. Not paying.” author=”Sim” pubdate=”2015-09-05″ user_review=”1″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]