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Review of : Quibids

Use : Penny Auctions

Overall Ranking

Like gambling...

Value For Money

It relies on luck

Ease of Use

The ease of use doesn't change anything


Support by email

Tools Included

The Bid-O-Matic is a real joke


Matt Beckham and Shaun Tilford (founders)

Pros :

  • The most well kown penny auction platform
  • Lots of items in sales
  • Can buy items at the retail price if you lose the auction

Cons :

  • No refund on unsuccessful bids like other auction sites
  • The company paid websites and people to create fake reviews 
  • False advertisement
  • Many complaints and lawsuits over the years
  • Bid-O-Matic is B.S.

Summary : Quibids is what we call a penny auction site.  Each time a user bid, the price goes up by 1 penny.

What they don't tell you is that you need to convert : 1 -Quibids- penny is worth 60 cents.

​In this review, I'll go into what makes Quibids a legit company and what also makes it a difficult way to earn online.

What is Quibids about ?​

If you are wondering if Quibids is legit, you are not alone.

Sites like it advertise themselves as opportunities for anyone to grab goods and electronics at 90% less than anywhere else.

It’s only true if you are one of the lucky few.


How it works is that each item is in auction for a given length.

The auctions start at 5 minutes.  That way, people have time to see items coming and be ready when the bidding starts.

Each bid placed increase the item value by 1 penny.

Also, each bid adds 10-20 seconds to the timer.

Let’s do some math here.  Nothing complicated.  

Just to show you how it really works for you and for Quibids.


Say there’s a Macbook air whatever in auction.

You are the lucky one and won it for the amazing price of 100$.

And lucky you, you only bet 50 times on it.


On your side : 50 bids * .60$ = 30$ worth of bids.  Add the 100$ you spend to buy the laptop and it’s 130$ for a Mac.

Worth it.

On Quibids side : 100$ = 10 000 pennies right ? Well, 1 -Quibids-penny is worth 60 cents remember ?

So it’s 10 000 * 60 / 100 = 6000$

Let’s say they paid the Macbook 2000$ ? They’ve done a pretty neat profit.


And this scenario is the one in which you are the lucky winner between hundreds maybe thousands of contestants.

If you don’t win, you don’t get your money back.  You’d lose 30$ right there.


The company defends itself claiming that its users can buy the items at retail price if they lose the auction (minus the bids).

Do you sincerely think that there’s a lot of persons on Quibids, biding on items thinking : Hmmm, if I lose, I’m going to buy it full price.

For god sake.

People are penny auctioning because they wouldn’t want to pay full price.

Anyway.  It’s up to you.

Quibids Auctions

In other words, you probably may, maybe, if you are lucky, win something, sometime. 

While Quibids simply wins every time.

Who is behind this Quibids thing ?​

It was created back in 2009, in Oklahoma city  by Matt Beckham and Shaun Tilford.

As every good success story, they launched the website from Matt Beckham’s apartment.

Since the launch, the company received multiple complaints and faced many lawsuits.

False advertising, disclosure problems, illegal gambling and fake testimonials seem to be the major concerns of users.


If you’d like to learn more : click here.

Quibids history

How much does Quibids cost ?​

That’s what you really want to know uh? 

Well, you need to purchase at the very least 100 bids.  At a rate of 60 cents per bid  that’s 60$ minimum.

How much you’ll spend on the site only depends on your behavior.

If you are a gambler like I am and’d like to try QuiBids yourself, I recommend you stick with the bare minimum.

You’ll see how boring it is in the end.


Some things you should know before jumping into Quibids

Quibids complaints

On their website, they say that Quibids makes money, but not as much as we think.

They encounter a lot of losses with auctions.

While it’s certainly the case sometimes, it isn’t clearly 50% of the time as they try to convince us.


Also, I want it to be clear that each bid equals 60 cents.

They write 1 cent but it’s not in US it’s in QuiBids.


Quibids will push you to using their Bid-O-Matic which is an automated bidder.

Stay away from this crap.

You will end-up bidding way more than you should.


One last thought, it is pure gambling.

It’s like the casino, with less chances to win.

Don’t join Quibids with the idea of making a whole lot of money.

If you were to use it, use it for… nah just… stay away lol.

Whatever you are told, there’s too much competition on this site.

My personal take on Quibids

What I think of

I tried 2-3 penny auction sites in the past.

None of which, ended-up to be a life changer for me.

I don’t have the “special technique” maybe.


The way I see things, Quibids is simply the biggest penny auction site.

Which mean the most popular = more people bidding.


If I were to use the site, I’d probably go for the gift cards and dumb stuff like that instead of the electronics like everyone does.

But, instead of wasting my time on penny auctions, I prefer working on my business.

I build websites and make money from them.

Simple. Effective.  Risk free.

Is QuiBids a scam ?​

Many persons claim that Quibids’s a scam for the same 3 reasons :

  1. Being charged 60$ right after joining Quibids, without permission : This is something you should know before getting involved with a company.  Right after signing-up, you are ask for your personal info (bank account) and automatically charged 60$ for your first bids.
  2. Possible bot bidding to increase prices and win the auctions : There’s no real proof of that, but I saw many complaints about a usernames coming back a lot on different items and always winning.
  3. Blocking bids at a couple of seconds of the end : They say it’s a server error when that happens.  It seems to happen a lot lately and people are hangry.

Even if Quibids has been around for a long time and is one of the most well known companies in the industry, those red flags are enough for me to keep my wallet in my pocket and to only speak of QuiBids in this review.

If you’ve been scammed or think you have, let us know please.

What others are saying about it

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Over to you :​

Are you a Quibids addict ? 

What’s your take on penny auctions and Quibids particularly ?

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