Sim, August 24, 2018

Review of : Fiverr

Use : Buy/sell services at 5$

Overall Ranking

Great marketplace, but need to be careful

Value For Money

For 5$ you get what you asked

Ease of Use

Fiverr is really user-friendly


Many complaints about not being fast and reliable

Tools Included

No real tool, not even to market your affiliate link


Shai Wininger, Micha Kaufman

Pros :

  • Over 3 000 000 Gigs available
  • One of the biggest online marketplace in the world
  • Can connect to awesome people
  • Great place to start making money online as a freelancer
  • Can buy/sell almost anything you want for 5$
  • Reaally easy to use
  • Post great content on their blog

Cons :

  • Support is slow
  • Need to be careful from whom you buy
  • Stay away from stuff like backlinks and SEO services
  • Can lose a lot of time browsing the site
  • No tools to help you market your Gigs or affiliate link

Summary :

What is Fiverr about ?​

Who is behind this Fiverr thing ?​

How much does Fiverr cost ?​

Some things you should know before buying on Fiverr

My personal take on Fiverr

What others are saying about it

Over to you :​

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