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Use : PTC (Paid To Click)

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Ways to Earn

Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal, OKPay, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay
  • Minimum withdrawal : 5$ + 1$ With every cashout
  • Average daily earnings (basic membership) : 0.15$
  • Launch date : 2015

Pros :

  • Worldwide
  • Low minimum cashout
  • Free golden membership to new users
  • Free rented referral
  • Wide variety of payment options

Cons :

  • 1$ Increase minimum withdrawal with every cashout
  • Expensive memberships
  • Many complaints


If you do join this program, send me an email and let me know!  I'll do my best to help you.  Let's make some money together!

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Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

What is Lexiadz about ?​

Lexiadz is a paid to click website or in short and familiar way PTC website. On Lexiadz you get paid for viewing ads for certain time, After viewing the advertisement the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their Lexiadz account. There are four types of membership available 1. Standard Membership 2. Golden Membership 3. VIP Membership and 4. Ultimate Membership.

Who is the owner of Lexiadz ?

Lexiadz is owned by Roger Gooren and Mahmad Farajalla and launched on June 19 2015.

Is Lexiadz a scam or is it legit ?​

These guys have good reputation in PTC business. So Lexiadz looks legit and many payment proofs are available online. However some recent members had problems with the site as they didn’t got paid so before putting your time there investigate thoroughly. 

What I like about it 

Some Lexiadz pros include anyone can join as Lexiadz works worldwide, as low as 5$ minimum cashout which will increase by 1$ with every additional cashout until it reaches cap of 10$, free golden membership to new users with 1 free rented referral and wide variety of payment options with instant withdrawals which are PayPal, okpay, bitcoin, payeer, perfect money, solid trust pay.

What I don't like about it

Some major concerns includes for Lexiadz is increment of 1$ after every cashout, we can’t even find out why admins put this shady feature? Second we can say that memberships are expensive compared to money you earn money from them. If your rented referrals don’t click ads then your money gone in vein.

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

How can you make money from Lexiadz ?

Now, here I am describing all ways to earn money from Lexiadz, keep reading!

  1. Paid to Click advertisements: Like any PTC site, you have the opportunity to click on advertiser’s advertisements for a certain amount of money usually ranging from $.0001 – $.02 Lexiadz offers advertisements ranging from $.0005 – $.04 (Ultimate). All you have to do to be paid for viewing an advertisement is click the ad, wait the allotted time, then BAM, the money is in your main balance.
  2. LexiGrid: There are lots of PTC sites that offer the Grid Game and Lexiadz is no different. Lexiadz offers free members 25 Clicks a day, Golden 50 Clicks a day, VIP 75 Clicks a day, and Ultimate receives 100 Clicks a day on the Lexigrid with the opportunity to win up to $5.00.
  3. Paid to Sign up: If you are not familiar with Paid to sign up, I highly recommend you to check this out after joining Lexiadz. If you are not a member of a PTC or Traffic Exchange site, there is most likely someone that will pay you money to join under them. You must follow their guidelines and remain active on that site or you will not be credited the amount. I recommend joining sites you will enjoy clicking at and not join a site that you hate or you think will become a scam site.
  4. Offer Walls: Lexiadz has “some” Offer walls for you to work at, but honestly it is not a lot. There are only 3 Offer walls to complete offers on Lexiadz and they are Minute Staff, Persona Wall and PTC Wall. ClixSense on the other hand has over 13 and allows you to complete tasks as well.
  5. Payment Proof Bonus: After you get paid, you have the option to share your payment proof as a bonus and get paid in points which you can convert to money.

Points: Points can be receive from clicking advertisements, LexiGrid, posting in forum, completing offers, depositing money and getting Direct Referrals. 5,000 Points = $1.00 to your purchase balance.

On Lexiadz there are two types of referrals : Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals.

  1. Direct Referrals : These users registered using your username as their referrer. You will get 50% of direct referrals earnings, so if your direct referral earns 100$ on Lexiadz then you will get 50$ without any work, seems easy isn’t it?
  2. Rented Referrals : What rented referrals does is they will click ads for you. The amount your rented referrals earn is depends on what membership you have, the highest membership means more money.

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

You might be wondering why they are giving free money to its users yeah that’s the legit question as money doesn’t grows on trees! So let me clear your doubt! Advertisers who want to increase their buiseness pay Lexiadz owners to display advertisements, the more user click the ads the more money Lexiadz owner gets, isn’t that simple?

Here I am giving you some tips to make money from Lexiadz : 1. If you want to make decent amount from this site then tell your friends to register under you, as already told you will get 50% earnings of your friends. 2. second way is upgrade your membership to ultimate and rent referrals , this will boost your earnings ( ever heard of quote : Money makes more money ). 3. Third and most important tip never invest more than what you can’t afford to lose, we never know when buiseness will go down.

My personal experience with Lexiadz

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What others are saying about it

What is the best option to make money online ?

There’s nothing like owning your own stuff.  What do you think will happen when the guys behind Lexiadz decide they had enough with the site and close doors?

That’s what happens with all PTC and Bux sites out there (or most of them).  They keep the money and stop paying people.

You really should be investing your time and money into your own business.  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn how you can get started for free.

Over to you :​

Are you using or have been using Lexiadz as a way to make money from your home?

What other PTC site do you know of?

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.