The Leafit Scam Review – Sharing With Who ?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Hi, first of all, I’ve heard of Leafit a couple months ago and was pretty excited to see what this ”opportunity” was going to look like.

I created a free account at the time Leafit wasn’t launched yet.

Waited a bit to find out that sadly, I won’t dedicate myself to this company.


What is Leafit ?

In simple words, share pictures to make money.

Pretty cool concept.

But, as any other MLM companies, Leafit got its major problems.  (I am not an MLM hater, I’ve been involved in this industry for several years and respect people who choosed this business model).


What I like about it

The idea of making money to share pictures is awesome.

You also have an amazing choice of retailers to choose from to promote their products, via pictures.

Leafit retailers

I’ve putted a lot of my time into network marketing for one reason : the promises of residual income.  So yes, thinking about building a team of pics sharers was interesting.

Their website is well designed, user-friendly and they offer great support.

You can join as a free affiliate and still get paid, that’s amazing.

Althought, the ”real” business costs 149$ to join + 49$/month.  Which is not bad if you compare this to similar businesses.

They offer lot of great tools to their affiliates like good looking landing pages and banners, etc.


What I didn’t like

I quited MLM because I was tired of all the hype and one hour long hyped meetings.

When I joined Leafit, I subscribed to all my team’s stuff (Facebook page, email list, Facebook group, G+ community, etc)

This was my mistake I know.  It doesn’t take back anything to the company itself, but it was a real pain in the ass.

All the mails, messages, meetings… and the hype.

Man that I find this anoying now.

I am working from my home, to work stress free.  Not to get involved in a NOW NOW WE NEED TO DO IT NOW CALL THIS PERSON THAT PERSON INVITE YOUR FRIENDS BLABLABLA.

Sorry for the caps, it needed to come out lol.

So again, I am not saying that Leafit in its entity is an harrasing company, but keep in mind it’s a MLM company and that’s what MLM is all about.  Hype.

Leafit Compensation Plan

About complaints vs people making money

It is normal that some people make money with Leafit.

And it is also normal that some people don’t !

It is not guaranteed that you will make money with this, like any other business.

I saw a lot of people saying that Leafit is a scam after joining and finally quiting.

To those people, I am not saying you aren’t right, but you were wrong to think it will be easy to ”promote pictures”.

As anything, it takes time and effort.

But surely, if you weren’t in the first to launch Leafit, you are in the category of people who really need to promote images.

Those who launched it, are sitting in their chair, drinking mimosa the morning and hyping people in their team to promote.

If you want the same thing, you will need to find well minded people, with entrepreneurship skills, who will do the same thing.

Sorry folks, but the real money isn’t in the picture sharing, more in the team building.  And did I say hype ?


Final review

I won’t say that the company itself is a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend you to join any MLM business.

For the simple reason that you can build something successful, without all that hype, REALLY at home, without a team and at less cost.

If you want to find out how I succeed in building an online business from scratch, look at the only recommendation I got for you.



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