Sim, October 2, 2019

Review of : Irazoo

Use :  GPT (Get Paid To)

Overall Ranking






Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal, Gift Cards (Amazon, Cineplex, iTunes, Starbucks)
  • Minimum withdrawal : 5$

Pros :

  • Good GPT
  • Fun to use
  • Multiple offers
  • Low PayPal withdrawal
  • 500 points for signing-up with my code 6RPPPA
  • 225 points for completing profile set-up

Cons :

  • You won't make much money with this

Overview:  iRazoo is another GPT site just like Swagbucks and ZoomBucks.  It's also one of the most popular.

On this site, you get rewarded points after taking small actions like watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, etc.​


If I had to chose and recommend only 1 program to make money online, it would be this one.

What is iRazoo about?​

It’s just another GPT site.  you can earn points completing actions and then redeem those points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

How iRazoo Works

Is it a scam or is it legit?​

As far as I’m concerned, this site is legit.  Never had any problem with them.

What I like about it 

Well, the site is fun to use.  I prefer using it to Swagbucks.

There are many ways to earn and the fact that you can withdraw through PayPal at 5$ is amazing.  Not many companies do that.

I also love the fact that their’s an app, so you can use it when you’re with boring people.

What I don't like about it

The referral program is too complicated.  If you want to learn more continue reading.


Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make real money online.

How can you make money from iRazoo?

There are many ways to earn:

iRazoo Ways To Earn

  • Popular offers – It’s just a curated list of the most popular offers
  • Top users – It’s kind of an ongoing contest
  • Get started – You earn points for completing your profile (adding a picture, answering short questions, etc.)
  • Play games – Quite self-explanatory
  • Complete surveys – You chose from various companies and answer surveys
  • Complete offers – They tend to be things such as subscribing to free trials
  • Watch videos – This really doesn’t reward well, but you just have to press play from time to time
  • Download apps – Usually they also ask you something like using the app a certain time or completing the tutorial
  • Refer friends – We’re going to look into that further in the post

How much does it pay?

Well, it depends a lot on the country and available offers.  But this should give you a good idea:

iRazoo Popular Offers

How much does the referral program pay?​

I feel the referral program to be complicated for nothing.  Usually sites like iRazoo just give % of your referrals’ earnings but iRazoo came up with something like this:

iRazoo Referral Program

Don’t ask me why.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

You won’t get rich doing that.

Also, if you’re planning on using multiple sites like this one that give you money for downloading apps, you need to know this:

Once you’ve download an app, you can’t just delete it and download it again on another website.  They know you’ve already downloaded it and the app developers won’t pay companies for multiple downloads from the same users.

So, to make the most out of this, you probably should sign-up to multiple sites and regularly check the app download offers and shop for the best ones.

What others are saying about it

What is the best option to make money online ?

Making money online is the same thing as doing money in “real life”.

Jobs that don’t require knowledge, skill and investment (both time and money) aren’t the ones paying well.

If you want to make real money online, you’ll have to learn how, invest in yourself (like going to the school), apply what you learn, try new things and make mistakes. 

It’s not that complicated to be honest.

But you still need to learn it.

Over to you :​

What’s your take on iRazoo and other GPT sites?