Sim, August 1, 2019

Review of :

Use : GPT (Get Paid To)

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Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal
  • Minimum withdrawal : 50$

Pros :

  • Can actually make pocket money from it

Cons :

  • High minimum withdrawal
  • Infernal signup process
  • Not many free offers
  • Won't make you "lot of cash" like they claim
  • US citizens only

Overview:  InboxPays is a GPT site similar to many others I've reviewed.  Sadly, they made the sign-up process so painful, it makes most people run away.  Still, the question remains; is InboxPays a great way to earn some money online?  Let's dive in.


If you do join this program, send me an email and let me know!  I'll do my best to help you.  Let's make some money together!

What is InboxPays about?​

It’s a rewards sites.  You get paid completing small, simple and boring tasks.  

InboxPays is a little different tho, because they don’t offer much free offers.  

They mainly focus on paid offers.  In simple words, the main way to earn money with this site is signing up to trial offers from 3rd parties or even buying something via InboxPays referral link.

Is InboxPays a scam or is it legit?​

Well, it’s not that you won’t get paid.  I know people who got paid using the site.

The real problem is that you probably won’t reach the 50$ minimum withdrawal soon.

I always find it shady when I see minimum threshold that high.  What, they don’t want us to get our money or what?

What I like about it 

Not much honestly.

What I don't like about it

You have to be a US citizen.  Right from the sign-up you are required to give your zip code and other really personal info.

Add the fact that you’ll need to keep track of all the trial offers you sign-up for (if you don’t want to lose money) and we’ve got a loser.

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Some things you should know before investing time and money​

In all honesty, I’d suggest you to stay away from this one.

You need to give too much info about yourself, you need to manage a lot of stuff if you don’t want to lose your money, you’ll be giving your info to many 3rd parties (watch out for the spam) and way more.

Other great GPT sites exist.

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