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Review of : HitPredictor

Use : Make Money Rating Music

Overall Ranking






Business Model

  • Payment processors : Prizes
  • Minimum withdrawal : Depends on the prizes

Pros :

  • Unlike other music rating sites, you listen to more popular music
  • Easy to earn points
  • Own by a well-known, well-reputed american company

Cons :

  • Prizes sucks

Overview:  On you are getting paid for reviewing music.  It's really simple.  If you want to learn a few things about it and find other similar sites, continue reading.


If I had to chose and recommend only 1 program to make money online, it would be this one.

What is HitPredictor about?​

Once you join the site, your only job is to rate music.

The first step should look something like this:

HitPredictor Rating

It’s farily basic.  They shoot you artist names and you rate them like on the picture.

In the first 1-2 minutes you should get about 30 points.

Come back regularly and rate more music!

Who is the owner of HitPredictor?

The owner of the site is an american company called iHeartCommunication, Inc.

I’ve taken the following directly from their site:


Is it a scam or is it legit?​

It’s legit yes.  They’ve been paying since their debuts.

The only downside is the quality of the prizes.   It sure depends on your tastes, but honestly, I think they suck.

What I like about it 

Most sites like this one will ask you to rate underground artists.  Most music isn’t that great and you absolutely need to give genuine feedback  on the performance, the voice, instrumentals and so on.

On HitPredictor, you are often asked to rate more popular artists and the quality of your comments doesn’t need to be that great.  In other words, it’s going faster and you don’t have to focus that much on the task.

What I don't like about it

Well, like I said a couple of lines above, prizes sucks.  Take a look for yourself:

HitPredictor Prize Store

Also, the site doesn’t look really professional.  Just looking at the above pictures you know they could have applied themselves a little more.

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How can you make money from HitPredictor?

There’s only one way to do it and it’s by rating music.

How much does the referral program pays?​

Once one of your referral has rated 5 songs, you get a 25 points bonus.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

Well, yes it’s easy money.  If you have a great system in place to manage all sites like this one it’s even better. 

You could make good pocket money.  But not with this site alone.

Don’t expect to make tons of money with this.  In fact, don’t expect to make any money as you can only redeem points for prizes.

You could always sell the prizes lol.

What others are saying about it

What is the best option to make money online ?

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Over to you :​

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