Can You Really Make Money With GetPaidMail?

Sim, October 2, 2019

In simple words: you open/read emails and you get paid.

Yay Or Nay?

Meh, I mean, yes it’s free money, yes it’s easy and quick to implement in your daily routine but it takes forever before reaching the minimum required to cash out.  Also, you better use some sort of adblocker (I use Ghostery and Ublock) cause some advertisers aren’t very trustworthy.  In other words, it really is up to you.  Do you want to spend a few seconds everyday to make a few cents?

What Is The GetPaidMail About? is part of the MultiMoneyGroup, a network well-established money-making sites.  Just like its sisters sites, GetPaidMail as been paying for over 15 years.  So no worries on this side.  I barely never go to the site, I just receive their paid emails, open them and make money.  I like MMG’s sites because of their simplicity.  You can actually get paid reading emails.

The website is owned by the MultiMoneyGroup, which owns 12 other similar sites:

  • Planet-Traffic
  • DonkeyMails
  • JillsClickCorner
  • MyFreeShares
  • GetPaidMail
  • Youromail
  • No-Minimum
  • Yosro
  • BestTrafficExchanges
  • HighCasinoBonus
  • DealGame
  • GoedKoopEropUit

How Does It Work?

Although there are various ways to earn money on the site, the main one you should focus on is the “paid emails”.

Once you sign-up,  you’ll start receiving a couple of emails per day, each giving about 0.25$ cents if I’m not mistaking.

Count any way you want, you won’t make much money.  But, it still is easy money.

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Ways To Make Money From It

Here are the different ways to earn:

  • PTC – You can earn money for clicking ads
  • Paid to signup –  You earn money signing up to other websites
  • Points to click – You earn advertising points for clicking ads
  • Lottery – You can buy a 0.5$ ticket to get the chance to win advertising packages.  With 1 ticket you end up with about 10% chances.
  • Head or tail – You bet anything from 0.01$ to 2$ and if you guessed right, get 200% – 0.075 commission
  • Referrals – You get paid for referring people to the site

It’s a 6 lvl referral program:

  1. 15%
  2. 10%
  3. 5%
  4. 3%
  5. 2%
  6. 1%

How Withdrawals/Payments Work

Payments are processed almost instantly.  Once you’ve reach at least 1$ you can withdraw your money through PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, STPay.

You’ll have to pay a small fee if you decide to cash out using other than PayPal or STPay.

Who This Is For

Arm yourself with good adblockers and you are good to go.  Anybody can use this site really.

I’d only recommend this site to people who don’t mind adding this “opening emails” thingy to their daily routine.  You won’t make much money every day so you have to be diligent about it if you want  to make the most out of it.

It only takes a few seconds every day so it’s not a big task.

Good Stuff About It

The minimum withdrawal is quite low.

Ugly/Bad Stuff About It

They charge fees if you’re not withdrawing with PayPal or STPay.

Also, if you’re from China, India, Pakistan or Poland, you must ask for permission to join.

What Others Are Saying About It

I haven’t found much reviews about the site other than GPTwiki.

My Opinion And Stuff You Should Know

The website is old and looks really shitty.  But, it’s a legit site.

You’ll find out that all MMG sites look like this, really shitty.  Once you get your head around one of their sites, you know how they all operate.

What are the best option to make money online ?

Over To You

What’s your take on GetPaidMail and the other MultiMoneyGroup’s sites?







User experience







  • Established site
  • Worldwide (almost)
  • Low minimum withdrawal


  • Low earnings
  • Fees when not cashing out through PayPal or STP
  • Lots of self-promoted ads