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Review of : Gambeal App

Use : Cashback app



Newbie Friendly





User Experience

  • Potential earnings per hour: You don't make money rather save money (low)
  • Withdrawal options: PayPal
  • Payment processing time: 24h


  • check
  • check
    Get paid for eating out
  • check
    Fast payments via PayPal


  • High minimum withdrawal

Overview: Gambeal is an app which you can use to earn cashbacks on some purchases you make.  What sets this app apart from the lookalikes is that you can actually get money back on fun stuff like going out to restaurants.

Yay or nay: Interesting way to "save" some money when eating out.  You won't make money as per say but it's a cool little app if you want to give it a shot.


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It’s a cash back app that works slightly differently than any other one I’ve seen before.  You might have heard of Ibotta or MobiSave, but Gambeal works with restaurants, rather than with grocery stores only.

At the time of writing this review, the app is still pretty new.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app and sign-up
  2. Read the rules in the different categories to make sure you understand everything before getting involved with the app
  3. Live your life, buy the stuff you usually buy and make sure to keep the receipts
  4. At the end of the day, take pictures of those receipts through the app
  5. Give your feedback on your recent experience 
  6. Withdraw your money as soon as you reach the 20$ minimum withdrawal

Ways to make money from it


You can earn anywhere between 5 cents to 2$ by receipt from what I’ve seen.  You’re not required to by specific items.  Requirements mostly consist of a minimum amount for the transaction, must be from a popular chain and so on.  There are some other restrictions, e.g. maximum 1 redemption per location per user.

Categories you can chose from at the moment: Coffee, sub sandwich, burger, ice cream, tacos, gas, cocktail crate, donuts, breakfast, pizza, Asian, wine, dollar store, beer, fried chicken, grocery store and thrive market.

How withdrawals/payments work


Payments are made through PayPal once you’ve reached the 20$ minimum required.  Usually taking less than 24 hours.  Quite fast.

Who this is for


If you’re looking to make money online, sadly this isn’t for you.  This app will, at best, save you money on products you usually buy. 

Like other cashback apps and websites out there, don’t expect to “earn” anything from it.

If you don’t mind going through the hassle of taking/sending photos of your receipts for a few cents/dollars here and there then give it a shot, why not.

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The good stuff


Who doesn’t like getting paid for eating out?  The thing I like the most about this app is that you can get money back on your everyday purchases, instead of on some specific items in specific grocery stores like most other apps do.

The amount you get isn’t crazy, but is decent and the process is fairly simple.

Being able to withdraw your money through PayPal always is a good thing.  **Stupid gift cards**

The ugly/bad stuff


The only downside is the minimum withdrawal of 20$, which is high considering the fact you’re only getting few cents per receipt sent.

What others are saying about it


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BTW, all these websites are owned by the same guy.

My opinion and things you should know


I’d suggest you not to spend money just for the sake of getting cash back, that wouldn’t make much sense.  Also, make sure to read all the rules. 

Let’s take the coffee category for instance, when you look at it quickly, it says that you can earn 5 cents just by spending 3$, taking a picture of your receipt and rating your experience at any coffee restaurant chain.  But, when you read the rules, it says that the total amount of the transaction must exceed 5$, you can’t have used any coupon and you must send the photo under 24h after the transaction.

From times to times, you’ll see some promotions.  Right now (writing this at the beginning of summer), they’re doing a 2x earnings on ice cream.  Keep an eye out for those ones.

Over to you my friend:


What’s your take on this Gambeal app thingy?  Let me know!

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Earning Opportunities





  • Paying
  • Get paid to eat at restaurants
  • Payments via PayPal


  • High minimum withdrawal