Sim, October 2, 2019

Review of : FreeMyApps

Use : Earn Gift Cards Downloading Apps

Overall Ranking

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Business Model

  • Payment processors : Gift Cards
  • Minimum withdrawal : 5$

Pros :

  • One of the highest paying "download-app" app
  • Many gift cards to chose from (Amazon, iTunes, Steam, and way more)

Cons :

  • Won't get paid for apps previously downloaded
  • Have to wait for new apps to come 

Overview:  FreeMyApps is an Android app and web based app for iOS that pays its users to download other apps.

You earn points by downloading apps and using them for 30 seconds.

You can then exchange those points for gift cards (minimum withdrawal threshold is 5$ for a gift card so 1500 points.

The highest paying apps I've seen are worth 100 points, give or take.​


If I had to chose and recommend only 1 program to make money online, it would be this one.

What is Free My Apps about?​

This isn’t something new.  Over the past years we’ve seen more than enough apps like this one.

Their purpose?  They serve as an advertisement app.

Developers go to them and pay them to get new downloads and users.

On the other side, FreeMyApps and lookalikes pay people a small amount to download their clients’ apps.

Is it a scam or is it legit?​

I’ve tested many apps like this one.  There was a time where I wanted to build a site focusing on making money from home with apps.

Sadly, it turned out that most of them where scams and never got paid for 90% of my work.

What’s even sadder is that you can’t know before trying them out.  Unless you rely on people like me to tell you yes or no.

FreeMyApps is legit but I find its user-base or client-base really poor.  

It will take you long before getting a 5$ gift card but it’s doable.

What I like about it 

  • Legit and paying
  • One of the highest payer of its kind
  • Can simply use the apps for 30 seconds

What I don't like about it

  • Very little apps to download each weeks
  • Previously downloaded apps won’t make you money
  • Doesn’t pay cash (gift cards)
  • No control over it (can close tomorrow without paying you)

Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make real money online.

How can you make money from?

You download apps and use them for 30 seconds.  

Points depends on the app.

How much does the referral program pays?​

You get 200 credits per new users.  About 66 cents or so.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

My biggest concern is that you have no control over it.

The app owner(s) could close doors tomorrow without paying you and you couldn’t do anything.

Not only is this not paying much but it’s not reliable since you need to wait for them to get new clients (new apps to download).

What others are saying about it

What is the best option to make money online ?

I love making money from my home.  I also love to make the more money I can from home.

Apps aren’t the best way to achieve that.

I mean, it would be an incredible challenge to live from the money you can make from apps.  It would require great computer skills or many phones/tablets, amazing planning, research and it sure won’t be easy to manage.

Take it from a lazy dude, the easiest way to make money online is affiliate marketing.  You sell products you don’t even own.

You don’t have to buy anything, no customer service, no inventory, nothing.

And you can get started for free.

Over to you :​

What’s your favorite make-money-apps?