Can You Really Make Money With The Fish For Money App?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Fish For Money is a really simple app that gets its money from ads.  You fish, you see ads, they get paid and IF you reach the end goal, only if, you can get a gift card.

Yay or nay?

Personally, that’s a nay.  Not because it’s a scam or anything like that but simply because it’s incredibly boring and ads are super intrusive.  I won’t spend hours “playing” a boring game to make 15$.  I know other fun ways to make 15$ faster

What Is The Fish For Money App About?

It’s a super simple app that pays its users when reaching 1.000.000 pounds fished.

The app is owned by Apps That Pay LLC.  They also own other apps such as:

How Does It Work?

You play the game.  How do you play?  You tap on your screen to go down and up and try to catch fish.  Every fish you catch is worth a couple of pounds.  Obviously, the bigger the fish, the heavier.

Careful to rampagers, there are ads everywhere.  You’ll probably only end up opening advertisers’ webpages.

Once you’ve beaten the game (1.000.000 pounds), you can withdraw a 15$ gift card from Amazon or PayPal.

It’s super simple, but is it really worth your time?

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Ways To Make Money From It

There’s basically only 1 way to earn with this app and it’s by fishing.  The bigger the fish, the heavier it weights.  Every time you fish something, you can make it heavier by pressing a button on your screen.  The downside is that every time you do so, you have to watch an ad.

The end goal is to reach 1.000.000 pounds of fish and every fish weights only a couple of pounds.  It takes about 10 seconds for every try and you catch something every time.

Once you’ve reached 1.000.000 pounds, you can ask for a 15$ Amazon or PayPal gift card… And you’re done with the game.  They only allow 1 withdrawal per person.  So wait until you receive your money and delete this app!

How Withdrawals/Payments Work

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a legit app.  If you ever make it to the end, you’ll get your gift card (15$ PayPal or Amazon).  That company surely is making good money from all the ads, I don’t see why they wouldn’t pay the few people that actually reach the ridiculous 1.000.000 pounds required.

It usually takes a up to a couple weeks before getting the virtual gift card which can be a pain.

Who This Is For

Honestly, anyone with spare time and nothing else better to do than tapping on his screen.

Good Stuff About It

It’s crazy simple: you tap on your screen.  Eventually you can get 15$.  Sounds good when you put it like that.

And unlike other games from Apps That Pay LLC.  They actually made some sort of a game out of it.

Ugly/Bad Stuff About It

It’s booorrrriiiiiinnnng as hell.  Not only that, ads are annoying and it will take you forever.  I’d bet 99.99% of people don’t reach the end.  That company sure is making a shit load of money from ads.

What Others Are Saying About It

Sadly, I haven’t found other reviews online.  There are a couple of YouTube videos, but mostly from people that never really made much of the app.  They only made videos of them using the app for a couple of minutes just to show.

You can still take a look at:

My Opinion And Stuff You Should Know

Before you get yourself involved with this app, I hope you understand it’s going to take you endless hours of “playing” this fishing app before reaching the 1.000.000 pounds they ask for withdrawal.

Even then, you’ll still have to wait a couple of weeks before getting your gift card.

So, I hope you’re ready because this is going to be a long ride.

What are the best option to make money online ?

Over To You

What’s your take on Fish For Money?  Any other app you’d recommend instead?

Fish For Money






User experience







  • Easy money
  • It's a game


  • Super boring
  • Intrusive ads
  • Takes forever