Sim, August 1, 2019

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Use : PTC (Paid To Click)

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Lost of time

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Newborn site

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Poor user-experience


Ticket desk + forum support


Good reputation.  Still, the site is new


Danny Lanada seems legit

  • Payment processors : PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney
  • Minimum withdrawal : 0,1$
  • Minimum deposit : 0$
  • Average daily earnings (basic membership) : 0,01$ per day
  • Membership prices range : 2$ - 350$
  • Script : NextGen
  • Launch date : 18th August 2015

Pros :

  • Low withdrawal minimum
  • No obligation to invest
  • No minimum funding
  • Owner seems legit
  • Everything on the site is cheap

Cons :

  • New PTC site (never trustworthy)
  • Domain registered for 1 year
  • Low potential earnings
  • Focused on investments rather than ads (Bux model)
  • Risky business
  • Not so great user-experience

Summary : EverBuxPaid is another one of those sites based on the Bux model.

Which means, relaying on investments rather than ads.  What's the downside ? Well, it's a risky business.

Worst case scenario when your PTC site relays on ads is the following : No more advertiser = no more ads = no more people getting paid.

With sites like this one : No more investors = no more money coming in = still people wanting to withdraw = close the site without paying people or stuff like that.​

That's why there's a new PTC site born each day.  Ultimately, owners of failing sites are opening new ones to try to keep up with payments on the first one.

You can imagine the problem uh ?​

I'm not telling that it doesn't work.  It works for some people, on some sites.  Not everybody on every site.

What's more, you can't do good money clicking ads as the sites and advertisers are telling you.  You can make money from those sites if you can get hundreds if not thousands of referrals to them.

In other words, you'll have to learn and work hard for some times before seeing any kind of significant results.  Keep in mind that all your business is going to rest on 1 man (the owner of the site).

If he decides to shut down the site without paying you, he can and will.  You don't own anything.  As I said, it's a risky business man.​

If you want a safe way to earn money online, there isn't a million possibilities.  Build an online business that you own and control.  It's simpler than you think.

You can get started for free and I even offer my 1 on 1 support to all my referrals.​  Click the button below.

See ya !​

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