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Use : GPT (Get Paid To)

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Ways to Earn

Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal, Gift Cards
  • Minimum withdrawal : 1$

Pros :

  • Easy money
  • Legit, paying
  • Worldwide

Cons :

  • Hard to find your way around the site
  • Low earning potential
  • Poorly designed

Overview: EarnHoney is a GPT site where you earn "honey" or Honey Dollars that you can exchange for cash and gift cards.  It's been around for some times now and despite the ugly website, it's actually a quite enjoyable way to earn some spending money.


If you do join this program, send me an email and let me know!  I'll do my best to help you.  Let's make some money together!

What is EarnHoney about?​

It’s a GPT site.  In other words, a website where you Get Paid To complete small tasks such as watching videos, answering surveys and stuff like that.

The points you earn doing those tasks can be converted into real cash, through PayPal and gift cards, Amazon and such.

1 Honey Dollar (HD) is worth 1 cent.  So to make a dollar on the site, you need to gather 100 HD.

Who is the owner of EarnHoney?

I have no info on it whatsoever.  If you are the owner of the site or know something about the founder, owner, admin… Contact me or let us know in the comments below.

Is a scam or is it legit?​

It’s a legit site.  If you browse the web you can find tons of payment proofs and people vouching for this site.  

On the other hand, it’s a fairly new website, so I would be careful about investing much time in it.  We never know how those sites can turn out.

What I like about it 

It’s easy to earn some spending money, 1HD equals 1 cent, simple.  Not like other sites where a cent equal 37 points and can only withdraw when you get 7850 points or something.

Also, the website claims to be the highest paying GPT for watching videos.  Some can see this as “passive income” since you can let videos play in background while doing something else.

What I don't like about it

Well, it’s not a viable business model.  It’s not the first site like this to come around.  There have been thousands of lookalikes and most of them turned out to either be blatant scams or poorly managed rewards sites.

For the time you invest in sites like EarnHoney, you could build a solid side hustle and earn way more on the long term.

Not only that, but the site designs is really bad, it’s not appealing at all.  When you compare it to others like Swagbucks, you don’t want to stay around much longer.

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How can you make money from EarnHoney?

There are couple of ways to make money:

  • Videos –  In order to earn HDs from watching videos (ads), you’ll need to watch a couple videos.  Each one you watch will fill your nectar ball a little more.  When the bar is filled, you’ll earn HD.
  • Surveys – Surveys are actually paying decently (for surveys).  Most of them didn’t take me more than 20 minutes and I’ve qualified for a bunch at 1-2$, which is great.
  • Games – Those games are actually boring and they’ll only earn you 3 cents per 10 minutes.  If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time there.
  • Refer people – Honey Dollars earned by referring people are credited on the 5th of the following month.
  • Cash offers – Offers you can take (signing-up to trials or contests, more surveys, buying stuff, etc.)

How much does the referral program pay?​

You get 10% of all your referrals’ earnings for life.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

Well, you won’t make much and it’ll require a few hours of your time before withdrawing anything.

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Over to you :​

What’s your take on EarnHoney?  What’s your favorite GPT?