Sim, August 1, 2019

Review of : DebitCardProfits

Use : Get rich by GIVING prepaid cards

Overall Ranking

Total scam

Value For Money

You won't get anything out of this

Ease of Use

Can't do anything aside loosing your money


No support

Tools Included

No tools included


Unknown owners (shady)

Pros :

  • .....?

Cons :

  • Total rippoff 

Summary : Do you seriously thought someone, somewhere is giving money to people because they are helping him give more money to people ?

Absolute non-sense.

If you see people online saying it's working... it's not.  Some reasons why you could see such comments :

  • ​False accounts/comments 
  • People who really think they're gonna get paid for referring people
  • They may be making fun of others or find it funny to indirectly help scammers

Why people are putting together such scam ? For money yes, but also for your infos.

If you take a look, you'll see that they are asking for your email address, phone number, first and last name, etc.

Don't give your valuable info to some strangers.​

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Wow, I wasn’t going to write a post today but when I saw this one on Facebook !

I will quote here the FB post :

Hey folks, I have an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for you!!! How would you like to get $20.00 for giving away FREE debit cards! Not only free, but already loaded with free spendable cash! This is not Netspend, or anything like it! You don’t have to put money on your card , each $20.00 referral is automatically loaded on it! You and your referral BOTH get cash! Really EASY to make cash! Just give away FREE loaded VISA debit cards! Just go here for all the info, and to sign up for FREE, and be sure to put my name, JUDIE NISAN in the referral spot, so we both get paid!!!

Good luck and GOD Bless!!

POUAHAHAH ok ok let assume they are right and that you can actually be given money for refering people that also get money… all for nothing.

Below is a quick overview of what is this company, what do they do and for what (that’s the big question).


Small introduction to DCP

Debit Card Profits is a US based company, giving away free prepaid visa cards for referring people that also want free money for referring other people, etc, etc.


What the heck seriously

Ok, the first question I asked myself seeing this was : how can it be possible ?

Why someone or a group of people would want to GIVE their money in 20$ preloaded cards form ?


The second question was : why s their a referral program for such a thing ?

What’s the point of giving free money to people that would bring you more people to give money to ?


My third and last concern was about spamming.

I understand that maybe someone created a ”too-good-to-be-true” offer just to gather people’s info.

I think I’m right on this one.


You were looking for a magic formula to get started and make money online right?

Sorry, but there’s no such thing.

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