Can You Really Make Money With Buxvertise?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Buxcertise is a website where you get paid for viewing ads. Or at least that’s what everyone’s claiming.

What Is Buxvertise About ?​

The reality is that you don’t really make money from viewing ads. You make money from getting referrals that will view ads.

Would you rather click on ads for 10 minutes to make 5 cents or get 5000 people clicking on ads and make 1-2 cents on each ? That’s the idea of PTC in general. Buxvertise is that.  Kind of boring isn’t it ?

But hey, I’m not judging.  If you really want to learn more about this new website, read on my friend.

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Who Is The Owner Of Buxvertise ?

They go by Drew and Jesse.  They are the owners of Traffic Return. Honest owners of successful and legit sites. They can be trusted.

Is Buxvertise A Scam Or Is It Legit ?​

For now it is legit.  There are no real problems with the site. PTC owners tend to have problem with the payment processors like PayPal because they got new accounts with restrictions.

That forces them to shut down their website. However, it is not the case with Buxvertise.  The owners are the same than from Traffic Return, another legit PTC.

Their PayPal account was registered in 2009, no worries having trouble being paid via this P.P.

What I Like About It 

The Wheel of Bux is a little cool add-on that common PTC sites don’t have usually. The overall user experience is great.

Other than that… meh.

What I Don’t Like About It

It’s a PTC.  I had a hard time making only a few bucks. You need to invest time, efforts and money to make it work and the business is too risky.

Personally, if I didn’t plan to review the site, I wouldn’t have invest  my time in it.

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How Can You Make Money From Buxvertise ?

Like any other PTC site, Buxvertise pays the members for clicking ads, gambling on AdzGridz, head-tail games and stuff like that.

To make good money from this site you’ll have to either rent a lot of referrals or get direct referrals from another source.

This means investing money, managing ads campaigns, getting referrals and then you hope for your referrals to turn in profits at a rate of 2 cents or so per day.

I hope for you getting referrals wasn’t expensive. When you look at it, it could have been an “ok” business model, but 99% of PTC sites stop paying, close doors, etc.

That makes this industry risky. IF your referrals turn in profits, it going to be in weeks or even months.  And the sad truth is that most people will stop using the site after only a couple of days.

Would you really want to invest money for months and maybe never get it back ?<

How Much Do The PTC Ads Pay ?

Almost nothing. You won’t make any money clicking on ads.  The “real” money is in your referrals empire.

You are asked to click ads to stay active and get your commissions. This is also a way for the website to guarantee the advertisers someone will see their ads.

Buxvertise Ads

How Much Does Buying And Renting Referrals Cost ?​

Renting referrals is far from being a must if you plan making money with PTC sites. As you might be wondering, yeah it’s kind of risky.

You need to gather hundreds if not thousands of referrals and hope they’ll turn in profit. Below is the pricing.

Tip : you better join other PTC’s and advertise your affiliate links to get referrals.

Buxvertise Renting Referrals

How Advertising On Buxvertise Work And How Much Does It Cost ?​

You can buy ad packs on the site to promote your product/service or website. A part of the money you invest is given back to the users once they click on your ads. How is that important ? Well, that means people will only click on your ads to make a couple of cents. They don’t even need to stay on the page.

So your offer really needs to be highly targeted to PTC users, clear and everything should be above the fold.

Below is a screenshot of the different prices.

Buxvertise Advertisements

Some Things You Should Know Before Investing Time And Money​

I don’t know what you are hopping to achieve with Buxvertise. But as any other PTC sites, it will take you a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of efforts in order to make money from it. And we’re still speaking of pocket money. Also, make sure to read the T.O.S. attentively.

Buxvertise Terms

It’s risky as f*** to invest your time and your money in something like that.

What’s more, 99% of PTC sites shut down at a time or another, without paying the members. Why ? Because the owner is bored, tired, a scammer.  Stuff like that.

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My Personal Experience With Buxvertise

It takes long before cashing out for the first time. With a minimum withdrawal of 7$… That’s really high for a PTC site. I enjoyed using the site. The user experience was great. The downside really is the poor ads pay rate.

After a complete month using the site and without investing much money in it, I succeed in making 9$ (profit)…

If you feel that’s not enough for you, maybe you might want yo consider something else than PTC sites.

Simon With PTC

What Others Are Saying About It

Is Buxvertise The Best PTC Site ?

Didn’t make it to the top.

Good looking, newbie-friendly, the Wheel of Bux is fun and it offers many interesting ways to earn money.

But, I found that making money from it was a bit more difficult than with my top pick.

Is Buxvertise The Best Option To Make Money Online ?

I tried many different things and made money online in various ways.

I even tested Buxvertise for a couple of weeks.

My final take is that it’s far from being my favorite business model.  If we can call it that.

Buxvertise needs time and money and is risky.

I prefer recommending safer earning models to my audience.

Build a business, own your things and earn money in a safe way.

Over To You :​

I’d like to know your take on Buxvertise. Why were you considering this option to earn money ? What attracts you in it ?

Cheers !



Well Established


Ease of Use









  • Paying
  • Cool design
  • Wheel of bux


  • Little money
  • Time consuming
  • Risky business