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Use : PTC (Paid To Click)

Overall Ranking

Bux site

Well Established ?

Started June 2015

Ease of Use

Good user-experience


Poor support


Many payment proofs and testimonials


Perodri Agosto

  • Payment processors : Payza, PayPal, PerfectMoney
  • Minimum withdrawal : 2$
  • Minimum deposit : 5$
  • Average daily earnings (basic membership) : 0,12$ per day (+150 ads)
  • Membership prices range : 10$ to 750$
  • Script : EvolutionScript
  • Launch date : June 2015

Pros :

  • Paying at the moment
  • RR & BR are cheap

Cons :

  • Expensive membership
  • Newborn site
  • Low paying

Summary : Buxept is a newborn PTC site based on the bux model.

90% of bux sites turn to scam because of the unsustainable business model.​

Many self-sponsored ads, expensive memberships, RR, revenue sharing.  Everything but the real clicking ads website.

They make money from the investments, similarly to a Ponzi.​  Not from advertisement like they should.

When the investments aren't enough anymore, they need to close doors and that's where many lose money.​

If you'd like to earn money based on a safe and durable business model, you can click the button below.​

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What is Buxept about ?​

Buxept is a Paid To Click website.  You get paid to click on ads.

Basically this is it.

On Buxept, clicking on over 150 ads for a couple of seconds each will only earn you about 10-15 cents.

That’s not a lot.


The real money is made in the referrals.

Imagine driving thousands of people to the site, making half of the money they make clicking ads.  You tell them they have to click ads in order to earn money and you’re good to go.

That’s the “real” MMO scheme with this kind of website.

A bit shady isn’t it ?

PTC Sites

Who is the owner of Buxept ?

Finding the owner’s name is a rare thing in the PTC world.

The owner goes by the name of Perodri Agosto.  He comes from Spain.

Usually that’s a good sign.  Even tho creating a persona is quite easy online, it’s always reassuring to see the owner as “nothing to hide”.

Is Buxept a scam or is it legit ?​

To start off, I’m not that a big fan of bux sites.

I think the model is doomed to fail so I don’t want to invest my time or my money in them.

Buxept won’t make you rich.  You’ll have to work hard and work for a long time before making a couple of dollars each day from the site.

That is, if it doesn’t close doors before you cash out your investment.


The domain name has been registered for 3 years.  While we can’t relay on that to say it’s legit, it’s a good omen.


There are many testimonials and payment proofs right now.  Again, we can’t relay on that to say it’s legit.  It can stop paying members in an hour, 2 weeks or even 4 months.


The only sure way to find out if this site is legit and’ll stay legit, is time.


‘Till then, I suggest you invest yourself in a already established PTC site.

What I like about it 

The layout and design is great.  It procures a good user-experience.

Also, a 2$ minimum withdrawal isn’t that high for this kind of site.

What I don't like about it

Everything else.

You can’t make real money without investing in it.

You’ll have to buy one time or another an expensive membership.

The site is new.

Ads pay rate is awesomely low.

Even the revenue sharing program isn’t that great at all.


Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

How can you make money from Buxept ?

Your best option is to invest money and time into getting direct referrals.

I didn’t rent refs on the site so I can’t tell you if the ROI is interesting or not.


This is how I’d do it being you.

  1. Join several legit PTC sites
  2. Buy advertisement packages on those sites
  3. Promote your Buxept affiliate link with your adpacks
  4. Try to manage your campaigns wisely to tweak them and try to get the cheapest referral cost possible
  5. Do so until you reach the 200 maximum direct referrals
  6. Buy the Pioneer membership and continue until you reach 300 DR
  7. Then, reinvest the money you make into renting refs (RR).  Don’t buy the next membership already
  8. Rent 300 refs and use the profits to buy the Golden membership
  9. Start promoting your affiliate link on other PTC sites until you reach the maximum
  10. Rent the most refs as you can and then wait for the money to come in
  11. Once you got enough money in your account, buy the most expensive membership
  12. Now join tons of other PTC sites and promote your affiliate link across the world and across many, many sites
  13. Don’t renew your rented refs.  Instead, get DR as crazy
  14. Try to cash out regularly.  You don’t need money in this account anymore.

How much do the PTC ads pay ?

With the free membership, you only got 4 x 0,01$ ads daily.

You get over a hundred ads of 0,0005$ value.

Really not interesting.

How much does buying and renting referrals cost ?​

You can rent refs for 20 cents each.  Starting at 20 cents minimum.

Buying refs is more expensive.  Each ref costs 2.5$.

You are better buying adpacks on other PTCs and market your affiliate link to get direct referrals.

How advertising on Buxept work and how much does it cost ?​

To advertise on the site, first you need to fund your account.

Hover and click on “fund account” in the left sidebar of the website.

You have the choice between different payment processors.  

Once done, you go to the Advertise tab of the website.

Advertising on Buxept

You choose between different packages and that will give you credits.

You then use credits to create an ad campaigns.

This review isn’t about managing campaigns so if you’d like to find how, you’d have to learn it by yourself.

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

Sites like this one remember me of the Taleb distribution.

The return on investment seems to be low, steady and low-risk.

But, from time to time you encounter a catastrophic lost.


It’s a risky business and I personally wouldn’t invest in a new bux site.

Simply because chances are that it’s going to close in the next weeks/months.

It’s always like this.

I even wonder why I’m writing reviews on those sites…

Simon With PTC

What others are saying about it

What is the best option to make money online ?

If you are looking to earn a real income online, PTCs aren’t your best option. 

They are risky and not worth the couple of pennies you can earn each day.

Building an online business isn’t as hard as it seems.

You can learn everything you need by yourself, looking around online.

Or, you can follow my advice and take the fast track to making money online.

Over to you :​

What are your thoughts on Buxept ?

Former, current or future member ?

Have you been paid, scammed ?

Cheers !

Simon With PTC

Tired Of "Trying"?

Let me walk you through the simple steps you should take in order to make money this very same month.