AppDango Review – Can You Really Get Paid Downloading Apps?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Get paid by downloading apps.

Yay Or Nay?

Personally, it’s a big Nay. Making money by downloading apps seems like a lot of fun but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Most of the times, you won’t get paid by simply downloading an app. There’s a requirement you need to meet. For instance, play until your reach lvl X or spend X amount of money in game and so on. Not only that, but you are barely making any money (when you do), poor support, tons of ads and I never could withdraw my money.

What Is AppDango About?​

Other companies pay AppDango to get downloads on their apps.  AppDango pays its users to download the apps.

Pretty straight forward.

Is AppDango A Scam Or Is It Legit?​

I would be really really careful with this one.  In fact, I would suggest you don’t invest much time in it like I did because I never been paid so far.

What I Like About It 

It’s actually really simple

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Many complaints
  • I still haven’t been paid
  • Not many apps to download
  • Tried other apps like this in the past without success
  • Support is non-existent

How Can You Make Money From AppDango?

There’s nothing complicated here.  You can either download apps and complete offers or/and get paid for referring people to the app.

How Much Does Download An App Pay?

It varies a lot.  It can go from a couple points to a couple hundreds points.  It depends on the requirement AFTER installing the app.

Some will ask you to go through the tutorial, reach a specific level, play for X amount of time, etc.

The more “challenging” the requirements are, the more you get paid, usually.

How Much Is The Referral Program Paying?​

For each person you refer to the site (or app), you get 50 points and an extra 50 points once they completed their first offer.

What’s more, your referral also get 100 points for signing-up through your link.

Some Things You Should Know Before Investing Time And Money​

Well, it won’t cost you anything so you’re safe regarding investing money.

As far as I’m concern, you don’t have enough apps to download so about wasting too much of your time, I wouldn’t be worried.

Your concern should be on all those bad reviews and complaints this company gets.  They seem to not be paying anymore.   If that’s true, that’s a big waste of time and you’re actually downloading apps and giving your info to tier companies for absolutely nothing.

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My Personal Experience With AppDango


What Others Are Saying About It

What Is The Best Option To Make Money Online ?

If you’re simply looking to earn a few extra bucks each month to pay for a pizza night, apps and other GPTs can be “worth it”.

But, investing yourself that much for such little money is kind of painful.

What I would suggest you to do is to start making money from websites.

Over To You :​

What’s your own experience with this apps or other similar ones?  Would you mind sharing?







User experience







  • Easy to use


  • Many complaints
  • Personally still haven't been paid
  • Not many earning opportunities
  • No support