Can You Really Make Money With AdzBazar?

Sim, October 2, 2019

Summary : AdzBazar’s owner is well respected in the PTC community.  That’s all I needed to get started.  Part of my PTC challenge, I learned to really appreciate the site and its community.  You’ll learn a lot about it in this review.

What Is AdzBazar About ?​

AdzBazar is a GPT site, with a PTC option.  GPT means Get Paid To… PTC means Paid To Click…

Basically, it’s a website where you can earn money completing small tasks such as clicking on ads.  In simple words, some people are paying the site to place their ads on it and others are getting paid by the site to view those ads.

That’s the typical PTC side.  But you can also get paid for completing offers.  It can be signing-up on a website, viewing a video, completing a survey, signing-up for a free (or paid) trial, etc.

All of this can only earn you little money.  Pocket money.  The real, interesting, part of these sites is the ability to get paid on every action your referrals do.  On AdzBazar, you can get paid everytime one of your referrals clicks on an ad, complete an offer and upgrade its account.  Imagine that X 1000.

That’s the real game.  Read this review ’till the end to learn everything you need on AdzBazar, in order to REALLY start making money.

Who Is The Owner Of AdzBazar ?

The current owner is Mohammad Farajalla (probably not his real name).  He’s really appreciated in the community.  He’s the owner of other successful PTC sites : UltimateClixx and ClixBlue.  It’s really fun when you can trust the owner.  It’s not something that happens often in this world.

Is AdzBazar A Scam Or Is It Legit ?​

AdzBazar has been around for over a year and is still doing great.  It’s paying its members and is trusted among the PTCs.  Payment proofs can easily be photoshoped or even created from scratch.  It’s not a good idea to relay on that.

That’s why the reputation of the website’s owner/admin is really important in this industry.  Mohammad’s not only trusted for AdzBazar, but he also get good reviews on UltimateClixx, BlueClix, Facebook and Google+.

On top of that, the domain is still registered for 2 more years.  Which is more than 99% of sites out there.

What I Like About It 

I really like playing around with AdzBazar.  Everything on this site is easy to do and easy to understand.  The beloved admin makes everything stressless.

But, THE feature I really enjoy is the referral market.  It’s interesting for people looking to buy active users and real clickers.  The downside is that the refs are expensive and it will take a long time to make profits from.

On the other hand, it’s an interesting opportunity to make quick bux if you got some referrals with good stats.  The downside is the same, it’s going to take you a long time before being able to sell one.

What I Don’t Like About It

A 5$ cash out can seems high for some, when other sites allow withdrawal as low as 2$ or even .5$.  But, if you are using PayPal as payment processor, you get a 30 cents fee each time a transaction occurred.  In this case, cashing out at 0.5$ is really dumb.  I seriously don’t see any downside to AdzBazar if we compare it to other PTC sites.

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How Can You Make Money From AdzBazar ?

You can earn in various ways.

  • Clicking on ads
  • AdzGrid
  • Advertising
  • Referring people
  • Signing-up to other sites
  • Completing other tasks

I’ll go over each below, starting with clicking on ads  There’s nothing really complicated here.   Ads go from 0,0005$ to 0,01$ per click.  Once you click on the ad, you’ll have to wait a certain time depending on the ad.  The more they pay, the more you have to wait.

Once the bar is full, you are asked to complete a captcha, involving clicking on the upside-down image.  You are then credited.  The AdzGrid is a waste of time if you want my humble opinion.  You are viewing ads with no guaranteed rewards, hopping to fall on the one that will earn you something.

You can also make money by advertising your website, product or service.  In all honesty, if your offer isn’t targeted to the MMO niche, you won’t get good -if any- results.  Good for you if your offer is, advertising fees are really low

If you are planning to refer people to the site, they have some promotional tools you can use.  It’s really not a complete system in any way.  They simply have banners with your affiliate link integrated.  Like the one below.

The sign-up offers can be a great way to maximize your earnings.  It is as simple as it seems.  You can also complete other small tasks with third party companies :

How Much Do The PTC Ads Pay ?

Let’s dive into that in screenshots.  Don’t get too excited with the points you earn along with the cents.  5000 points = 1$.  Don’t count on that to get rich.  What am I saying.  Don’t think about getting rich with PTC ads at all.  Even with the most expensive membership we can only get 200% of the click value.

How Much Does Buying And Renting Referrals Cost ?​

Referrals can be rented for 15 cents each.  With a minimum investment of 1.5$.  As on other sites like this one, referrals are rented for 30 days and can be re-rented if you want before the end of their contract.

Buying them can only be down from the referral market place.  At the time of writing this review, there’s 500 available users to buy.    Prices are ranging between 1.2$ to almost 6$.

You can see my screenshot by clicking here.

How Advertising On AdzBazar Work And How Much Does It Cost ?​

As on other PTC’s, advertisement is really cheap.  But, I know some people find the prices on this one a little high compared to others.  My humble opinion ? You better buy ads on a trusted site and cheer the owner than buy cheaper ads on a scam site.

You better check out for yourself about this part as they offer many, many different advertisement options.  If you are wondering, you can get started with 1$.  That’s not bad at all.

Some Things You Should Know Before Investing Time And Money​

The owner is well-known, well respected and offers incredible support to his members across his websites.  The only thing you should be afraid of, when thinking about investing in AdzBazar, is not investing in his best site.

Anyway, you can invest in as much websites as you want so it doesn’t really matter.  If you gotta chance, go check out or (aff link)  I really love the design of the site.

Also, if you are thinking about making real money with it, you should consider upgrading your membership.  Not that it is necessary, but it might be something to consider in a near future.

My Personal Experience With AdzBazar

So far so good, really like the website.  I’ll post my payment proofs as soon as I get them.

What Others Are Saying About It

What are the best option to make money online ?

Over To You :​

What’s your take on AdzBazar ?   Have something to add or want me to add to the review ?  I wanna know your thoughts !







User experience







  • Well known and respected admin
  • Awesome support for a PTC site
  • No country restrictions
  • "Almost" instant payments
  • Renting ref is cheap


  • Promotional tools are limited
  • Withdrawal is a bit high
  • AdzGrid is a big time waste