As you can see, I’m a Paint expert.  Funny enough, I find it gives some charm to my website to have such an ugly character.

I started building this site with one goal in mind, make money from it.  Didn’t took off as fast as I was picturing it. Tough luck.

Why I’m doing this:  I’m just addicted to making money from home and I got the shiny object syndrome.  Can’t help it, every time I find something I could use to earn money online, I have to check it out.  Hence, why I started this website.  At least the time I spend on all those sites isn’t lost and, fingers crossed, helps some people.

What you can expect from me and my site: Good quality reviews, as honest and helpful as possible.  Will try to research a lot more on a regular basis and let my subscribers know when I find cool stuff here and there.  If you happen to have suggestions; how you’d like the content to be edited,  what kind of “tool” would be helpful for you, what kind of content you’d like to see on the website. I’m all ears.

About the stickman… Well, I’ll just say it as it is:  It’s for my own entertainment.  I’m just a regular everyday normal guy trying to have fun.  Who cares.

Gummy Bear Rating (GBR):  It’s my new rating system.  You can learn more here.