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Use : PTC (Paid To Click) 

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Ways to earn

Business Model

  • Payment processors : PayPal
  • Minimum withdrawal : 25$
  • Average daily earnings (basic membership) : 0.04$
  • Script : Custom
  • Launch date : 2001

Pros :

  • 5$ sign-up bonus
  • 50% referrals and refs' refs earnings
  • All PayPal accepted countries are accepted
  • Legit and established site

Cons :

  • High minimum withdrawal
  • Low average daily earnings

Overview:  Hits4Pay is an old and established PTC site.  Unlike the box model we often find these days, Hits4Pay doesn't rely on memberships upgrades and/or self-promoted ads.

​In fact, the main reason this site's still alive, IMO, is that they only rely on advertisers/partners ads.  Which is a good thing if you ask me.

The downside:  you won't find much ads to click and won't receive much paid emails on a regular basis.  Don't expect to make that much money.


If you do join this program, send me an email and let me know!  I'll do my best to help you.  Let's make some money together!

What is Hits4Pay about?​

Hits4Pay is a websites that shares its revenues with its users.

The way this (and other lookalikes) site works is by connecting advertisers with a guaranteed audience.  By paying members to view ads, they can assure advertisers that their ads are going to be viewed.

What does it mean for someone like you and me?  That we can make money by simply clicking and viewing ads.

Who is the owner of Hits4Pay?

H4P is owned by a company called Multiple Stream Media, LLC.

The founder, Abe Cherian, started Multiple Stream Media in 2001, along with Hits4Pay.  It wasn’t his first ventures, nor the lasts. 

He’s a well reputed guy in the IM sphere.

Is H4P a scam or is it legit?​

It’s a legit site.  You won’t find much PTCs that have been around for that long (+15 years).

But, I must warn you, there have been multiple complaints about payments being delayed.

What I like about it 

Well the site accepts any country where PayPal is accepted. 

It’s a legit PTC (not bux) site model.

Oh and you get a 5$ sign-up bonus.

What I don't like about it

The site is pretty much “dead” as of now.   There’s not a lot of ads you can view.

Meaning there isn’t much money to be made.

Still, that means you can’t waste a lifetime on the site.

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How can you make money from H4P?

Basically, all you have to do is to stay on the lookout for what they call “paid emails”.

Those emails are ads from advertisers.  All you have to do is click on them and you’ll make an average of 2-4 cents per day.

You get paid the first of each month, after your account has been active and validated for at least 45 days (and reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 25$).

How much does the referral program pay?​

It’s one of a the few sites I’ve seen that actually share good advice on how to promote your affiliate link.

Recommended Promotions Hits4Pay

About the affiliate payouts:

  • You get 0.01$ for each validated email your referrals read/open
  • You get 0.01$ for each validated email your referrals’ referrals read/open

If you can get hundreds or thousands of active referrals, that can be an interesting opportunity.

Some things you should know before investing time and money​

Unless you can get tons of referrals, you won’t make much money.

You can still join the site and make a couple cents here and there, but reaching the 25$ threshold will be near to impossible.

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Over to you :​

What’s your take on H4P?  What’s your favorite PTC site?  Your favorite pocket-money site?

Let us know in the comment!